Freeform takes a #MoreThanAMonth approach to Black History Month

The network that's home to 'Grownish' wanted to go deeper and celebrate the rich and multicolored definition of Blackness.

black people like

Freeform is taking a #MoreThanAMonth approach to Black History Month with its “Black People Like…” BHM Campaign.

The network that’s home to Grownish wanted to go deeper than peanuts and super soakers and celebrate the rich and multicolored definition of Blackness, ultimately clocking more than 63K Instagram views over the course of 6 weeks.

In this original Freeform series Black People Like…, Freeform invited a crew of actors, comedians, writers and influencers including Ira Madison III, Hayley Marie Norman, Moni Oyedepo, Ify Nwadiwe, Chanelle Graham, and Willie Macc to explore what “Blackness” meant to them and how the world challenged their definitions when they fell in love with some stereotypically “non-black” things.

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“This series is about bringing people together. Through the sharing of personal stories in an open dialogue, we explore topics not commonly associated with black culture,” Freeform explains.

“We spend so much time in society talking about why we are different and not enough focus is spent on what connects us. This show is about the fact that all people find enjoyment in life and we want the world to know that black people are no different in that way. It’s inspiring, educational, and funny.”

If you missed it, you can catch up on Black People Like…episodes here.