Dr. venus Opal Reese
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Dr. Venus Opal Reese went from living on the streets and eating out of trash cans to obtaining two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. from Stanford University and wants to empower other Black women during the quarantine.

She is an acclaimed inspirational speaker, best-selling author, award-winning performance artist, and business mentor with a track record of success. The self-made millionaire knows a thing or two about making something from nothing. Her business, VenusOpal Enterprises, Inc., grossed $5 million in less than six years without government funding, loans, or investors.

She has helped countless others achieve their dreams through her work including books and speaking tours. The Raw Truth: A Pimp Daughter’s Diary is an honest and intimate account of her spiritual healing through turning her trauma and pain into peace, purpose, passion, and profits.

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Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Dr. Venus Opal Reese (Credit: Getty Images)

Now, she’s doing what she can to help the community during the coronavirus crisis by empowering Black women to launch their own online businesses. Reese is using Facebook Live to share her inspiring message with thousands of followers who are currently quarantined.

“The only thing more powerful than fear is hope,”  Reese recently posted on Facebook.

“People are afraid. And when a person is afraid it’s easy to focus on the fear. That’s what I did when I was living on the streets and eating out of trash cans in my teens. My math teacher, we call her Nanna, helped me see a different future for my life by riding me around in her car to rich white neighborhoods. She knew if she could help me dream of a different future I would take different actions than drinking, getting high or having babies,” she explained.

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“Nanna saved my life. It’s because of her I have four degrees including a Ph.D. from Stanford. She gave me the tools to have a voice. Now, I want to give others the tools to create cash-flow while we are in quarantine. What a gift from God—we get our time back to work on our dreams. We don’t have to be victims to a virus. We can use the time to turn our dreams into reality.”

From now through April 8th, she will give Black Women entrepreneurs access to her most proven self-paced program, Money Mogul Fundamentals Formula™, as a love offering during this uncertain time.

“I market to Black Women but I serve the world. All genders and races are welcome to this love offering. My experience has been Black Women implement my work,” she said. “I put Black Women first. But first doesn’t mean alone. We need each other.”