Tamron Hall officiates virtual wedding for New York couple

The bride and groom were forced to rearrange their wedding plans due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One New York couple received their happy ending on Monday, May 13, after talk show host Tamron Hall officiated their virtual nuptials.

Aisha Becker-Burrowes and Kelton Cumberbatch were forced to rearrange their wedding plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has shutdown New York City indefinitely.

The Harlem couple enlisted the help of Hall, who not only officiated their ceremony but also gifted them with an all-expense paid honeymoon to Fiji that they can utilize once stay-at-home orders are lifted.

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“Love is so many things,” Hall says in a clip of the wedding posted to YouTube. “But what we know is love can never be defeated. Nothing that we are experiencing on this day, in this moment, in this time, will affect your very special bond. What you have together will only continue to thrive and to grow in a beautiful way.”

Aisha Becker-Burrowes and Kelton Cumberbatch are pictured next to their mothers in a screenshot of their virtual wedding in May 2020.

She continues, “It is a privilege to be here to witness your commitment to each other and watch your families beam with joy over the love that is shared between the two of you.”

In the video, Becker-Burrowes and Cumberbatch exchange rings with their mothers by their sides.

“Your wedding rings are special,” Hall says. “They enhance who you are, they mark the beginning of your long journey together.”

The Essence Communications PR manager and the Ethical Culture Fieldston School P.E. teacher both smile from ear-to-ear as they say their vows. Hall then repeats a passage from the Bible, Matthew 9:16.

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“So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore, what God has joined together let man not separate,” the talk show host concludes.

The couple then share a kiss as the video cuts to the couple’s family and friends who cheer and applaud as they wipe tears from their eyes.

In addition to Hall, Becker-Burrowes and Cumberbatch worked with celebrity wedding planner Jung Lee to bring their virtual wedding to life. Lee and Hall helped design a picturesque backdrop for the nuptials and iron out the details of the pair’s honeymoon.

Congrats to the happy couple!