Michigan deputy under investigation after punching Black woman on video

Dan Grady El alleges that he and his wife were filming police to make sure nothing happened to their family when she was assaulted

Michigan Cop Punches Woman (Screenshot from Twitter video)

Another day, another incident of police violence. 

Even as America crosses the sad threshold of 100,000 people who have died from the coronavirus, Black people are still being victimized by those who are tasked with protecting and serving their communities. 

A married couple, in Washtenaw County, Michigan, has gone viral after a violent interaction between them and officers hit the internet. 

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According to MLive, Sha’Teina Grady El and her husband, Dan Grady El were ordered to leave the scene after deputies responded to a shooting in their Apple Ridge neighborhood of Ypsilanti Township. The incident happened around midnight.

The report says that the couple was asked by police to vacate a possible crime scene, but they refused to leave. Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton said the couple then began “obstructing,” the deputies’ efforts to secure the scene. 

Police contend that when officers tried to physically remove the two from the scene, the two resisted. That is when a deputy picked Sha’Teina up and punched in the head before placing both her and her husband into police custody. 

Video shows Sha’Teina being struck violently in her head multiple times by the officer. It also shows Dan being tased. Both were arrested and transported to Washtenaw County Jail.

Sha’Teina was detained on an outstanding warrant, while her husband was released. 

“We were just trying to videotape to make sure nothing happened outside my daughter’s house, which had kids in the area,” Dan told MLive. “That was our whole mission.”

Outraged residents protested outside the sheriff’s office yesterday. Sheriff Clayton said that the officer involved in the incident has been placed on administrative leave while the department performs an investigation. 

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 “As with any situation where a deputy uses force, a full and thorough review will be completed,” Clayton said, “We are committed to sharing all the relevant factual information with the public as it becomes available.”

According to a sheriff’s office statement to the Detroit Free Press, an external agency will conduct the internal investigation and body cam, and dashcam footage has already been collected as part of the investigation. 

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