Kenya Barris comedy ‘#blackAF’ gets renewed for 2nd season at Netflix

The Netflix comedy was met with mixed reactions from Black audiences

kenya barris
(Photo: Netflix)

When Kenya Barris unveiled blackAF on Netflix in April, viewers were polarized by the comedy series that offers another story inspired by the black-ish creator’s real-life family.

According to Variety, the streamer has announced the show that stars Barris as himself and Rashida Jones as his wife, has been renewed for a second season.

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Throughout the eight episodes we see Barris and his wife, Joya, (played by Rashida Jones) hilariously contending with the challenges of marriage and child-rearing from their Los Angeles mansion.

At a time when representation is more diverse than ever, Barris is doubling down on the notion that all the money in the world doesn’t change the unique set of problems being Black still presents.

(Photo: Netflix)

#blackAF is a sharp-tongued, witty examination of life on the other side of the status quo and proof that Barris isn’t afraid to take risks. Doing another show based on his family could backfire. Taking on the lead role without any acting experience is ballsy. Asserting that light-skinned, super-rich Black people still have things to complain about, despite their privilege, could infuriate a part of the community who feel like they’re struggling just to survive.

Still, Barris knows the content is coming from a very specific source, making it all the more valid to shed light on a sliver of the experience that remains mysterious to many. This is his story to tell, and he does so unapologetically.

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Creative freedom and dry humor are the secret ingredients of this show and what sets it apart from its predecessors. In a way, it serves as an unfiltered version of the hit ABC series that brought Barris mainstream success and launched the careers of Marsai Martin and Yara Shahidi.