Biden on Trump: ‘Commander in chief who doesn’t command anything’

Presidential hopeful criticized the POTUS this week in an online speech to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Joe Biden
Joe Biden (Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images)

Former Vice-President and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, had harsh words for President Donald Trump.

Blasting him as a “guy who says he’s commander in chief and then doesn’t command anything in the fight against COVID-19.”

Biden made the comments on Wednesday in an online speech to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. He said that despite the “overwhelming evidence,” that Russian intelligence officers offered bribes to Taliban fighters to kill Americans in Afghanistan, that Trump is “not doing a damn thing.” 

“Imagine how all of those parents feel,” he said referring to parents of enlisted military, “How do all of you who served feel?” 

“With Trump, it’s all about him,” Biden said, “This isn’t about me this election. It’s about you, it’s about the American people.” 

He also stated this election is about “decency” and “honor.” He blasted the language that the President uses saying that “it really angers me because this is ultimately about values.”

Joe Biden Donald Trump
Joe Biden Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images), Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“We need a stronger, more just, more unified nation.” Biden said, “We need to restore power to workers, to communities who’ve been denied it so long.” 

Biden has long criticized the President’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. According to The Washington Post, his advisers feel the crisis is the clearest way to contrast the two men and their leadership. The Biden campaign is looking to “paint Trump as uninformed, incapable of empathy and concerned only about his own political standing.” 

The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 130,000 Americans this year. 

“From really January on, Vice President Biden has been laser-focused on the rising risk to the American people presented by this pandemic,” Biden campaign adviser Ariana Berengaut told The Washington Post. “You can almost imagine them side by side — Trump’s leadership and Biden’s leadership. . . Trump has no plan for tomorrow, no plan for a week from now, so there is absolutely no plan for the fall, and that’s what encapsulates the whole arc of that contrast.”

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