Joe Biden

More than a dozen graduating students stood and turned their backs in silent protest WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Saturday
/ May 14, 2023
OPINION: The Biden-Harris record makes it clear that they will do all they can to push forward in the struggle
/ May 13, 2023
New poll finds only 55% of Black voters say they are likely to support Biden in the general election COLUMBIA,
/ May 7, 2023
Roughly 600,000 U.S. residents leave prison each year, and another 9 million cycle in and out of jail. WASHINGTON (AP)
/ April 28, 2023
OPINION: Despite concerns about his age and lack of charisma, President Biden gives Democrats the best chance at retaining the White House.
/ April 25, 2023
In a video released by his campaign on Tuesday, the president announced he would run for another four years in
/ April 25, 2023
The Democratic president was far more ambitious in 2021 by calling to provide more than $425 billion to expand child
/ April 18, 2023