Arkansas man repeatedly harassed for holding BLM sign in viral video

Producer and marketing executive, Rob Bliss, says that he has received legal threats from people who want to see the BLM Harrison video removed

Rob Bliss (Twitter)

Rob Bliss, a white man, stood in the same city as the Ku Klux Klan headquarters and held up a Black Lives Matter sign. He recorded a video of people’s racist reactions to the sign and posted it on social media.

The footage went viral and now people are threatening to sue him unless he pulls the video down.

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While standing near a local gas station in Harrison, Arkansas, and boldly holding a Black Lives Matter sign, a producer and marketing executive received bigoted comments from drivers passing by. 

“Have a little pride in your race brother,” shouted a white man, while motioning to Bliss with a thumbs-up. “White pride worldwide!”

“What about white lives?” asked a white woman from the passenger seat of a van. “We matter too!” she continued. Another driver shouted, “All lives matter, you racist!”

The video became a collage of clips that not only threatened Bliss’ life, but questioned his whiteness.

“All lives matter, not just Black, you’re Caucasian,” said a man driving past.

Another driver shouted, “I’d be ashamed to be a white boy carrying that stupid sign!”

Bliss also recorded himself standing with his sign near the entrance of a local Walmart store. Again, he was asked to leave. One of the workers told Bliss that he believed the Walmart corporation would want him to be removed from the retail giant’s property.

“Exactly what I’m saying is exactly what they would ask me to do,” said the store clerk.

Bliss creatively super-imposed the headline of one of Walmart’s statements on the Black Lives Matter movement. Unfortunately, the “informed” employee missed this memo from his boss.

The feedback Bliss received wasn’t all onesided.

A girl walked up to him with a note that read, “Ignore the haters, you’re being peaceful. What you’re doing is good. Just a friendly reminder, don’t give up hope.”

Bliss is the founder of Rob Bliss Creative; a full-service marketing and advertising agency specializing in making viral video campaigns. He titles himself as a “CAA [Creative Arts Agency] represented director and producer.”

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Following the post of this video on July 27, Bliss started a Go FundMe on the same day. He cited the reason for the campaign as, “several threats of lawsuits.”

“I’ve received legal threats from people who want to see the BLM Harrison video removed and am deeply appreciative of anyone who can donate to help protect it and retain a lawyer,” Bliss tweeted.

According to Rob Bliss Creative, “viral content is like a drug, you want to deliver the strongest effect as quickly as possible.”

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