Black Lives Matter protesters beaten by pro-police group at ‘Blue’ rally

Video of BLM demonstrator being stabbed with an American flag at the rally goes viral

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A violent clash broke out in Colorado during a pro-police rally. Black Lives Matter protesters had held a rally earlier in the day at Colorado State University after which they traveled to Fort Collins, Colorado to participate in an anti-protest. 

The “Back the Blue” rally was held outside of the Fort Collins police services station where attendees were draped in American flags and carrying Trump 2020 signs. 

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In a video, “Back the Blue” supporters are seen beating counter-protesters, who they claim attacked a veteran in a wheelchair. That alleged attack was not captured on video. 

“Everybody keep your hands off your weapons,” a voice is heard saying, “Keep punching each other in the face, just don’t shoot anybody.” 

Another video shows one of the “Back the Blue” rally attendees stabbing a BLM protester with an American flag.

Despite the fact that multiple people were involved in the violent clash, only three people were arrested. Law enforcement says that the individuals detained were from both Black Lives Matter and “Back the Blue” supporters, according to Denver Post.

“It’s important to note there were active aggressors on both sides,” Fort Collins Police Chief Jeff Swoboda said in a video statement Sunday.

The event reportedly started peacefully. 

According to The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Julius Philpot, a Colorado State University alumnus, and a frequent speaker at local Black Lives Matter rallies, said the altercations started when pro-police protesters crossed the street to have a conversation with a few counterprotesters. 

“As soon as I approached, I see people that have come from the side of the street from the pro-cops, they are wanting to, I want to say, … surround maybe three or four individuals who are holding up these signs that say Black Lives Matter to have a conversation,” Philpot said.

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Attendees report that a group dressed in all-black tactical gear then arrived with no clear affiliation, it is then that the brawl broke out. 

Ciara Wilson, a local high school student, and organizer said that the group chased BLM protesters away from the police station into a grassy pit. “10 to 15 people just piled up on top of each other.” Wilson said, “Chokeholds, batons, punched in the face all of it, and there were no police.”

According to the report, the Fort Collins police department has “an active and ongoing investigation into these incidents.” 

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