Biden pledges to be ‘totally transparent’ about health if elected

Joe Biden shares he will be fully 'transparent' with his health condition if elected President of the United States.

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden assures voters he will be open about his health if elected.

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During an interview with Jake Tapper on The Lead CNN on Thursday, the POTUS hopeful claims American citizens will be fully informed on his health status.

Joe Biden
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the William Hicks Anderson Community Center, on July 28, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

“I guarantee you, I will be totally transparent in terms of my health and all aspects of my health,” he says confidently.

Keeping the public informed on his health status aligns with his practices as vice president to Barack Obama as he reminds audiences.

“That’s what I did,” Biden says to CNN. “I laid out my health records in more detail, pages and pages of it, when I became vice president. I laid it all out, everything, my entire background relating to my health.”

Joe Biden

Biden’s age and health have been targeted by his presidential competitor, Donald Trump. theGrio reports the president ran campaign ads on Facebook aging the democratic nominee. He also refers to the former VP as ‘Slow Joe.’

Biden laughed at the nickname during the interview, claiming he is in better physical condition than the current commander in chief. Biden is 77-years-old while Trump is 74. If elected, Biden would become the oldest sitting president in history since Trump took office.

“When it comes to Donald Trump and me, just look at us. Who seems to be in shape? Who’s able to move around?” Biden remarks.

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In December 2016, theGrio reported Biden’s health would be a deciding factor in his choosing to run for president in the current election.

“Well, look, age could be very much an issue, and it may not be,” Biden replied. “It depends on the state of my health and the health of whomever is running,” Biden said at the time.

The current POTUS has had his physical and mental health called into question. According to the New York Times, Trump has yet to clarify the reason for a 2019 hospital visit, rumored to be the result of mini strokes.

The NYT reports Trump has given various explanations involving a yearly physical. His health was called into question in June after visiting the United States Military Academy at West Point for commencement as he appeared to have trouble lifting his glass of water according to the news outlet.

“President Trump has more energy, stamina and vigor than any person of his age I’ve ever met, and the American people can rest assured that he’s more than up to the task of serving as president,” said Judd Deere, a White House spokesman, according to the Times.

Trump also uses Twitter to frequently address his health and assure his followers he is in top shape.

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