Vice President Joe Biden

Bill Barr
Richard Pilger, who’d won an award for exceptional integrity, mentioned what he called his “most cherished” prize in his resignation letter.
/ November 10, 2020
President-elect Biden may follow Trump’s lead and call in the lawyers if the GSA doesn’t ensure a seamless move to the White House.
/ November 10, 2020
Daryl Brooks, Rudy Giuliani Philadelphia
Daryl Brooks’ criminal history involved charges of sexual assault, lewdness, and endangering the welfare of a minor.
/ November 9, 2020
In a Fox News segment on Friday, host Laura Ingraham warned viewers of a possible defeat and adviced Trump to show “grace and composure.”
/ November 7, 2020
Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Protest At Pennsylvania State Capitol
Facebook banned a group ‘STOP THE STEAL’ that was aimed at discrediting election results in support of President Donald Trump.
/ November 6, 2020
Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Campaigns In St. Paul, Minnesota
Extra Secret Service reinforcements are being prepared to protect former vice president Joe Biden while election results are being counted.
/ November 6, 2020
Messages that James Kobel allegedly posted online as someone else attacked Blacks, Puerto Ricans and Hasidic Jews with deep-seated dislike.
/ November 6, 2020