City Girls’ JT speaks on colorism: ‘Called me black and crunchy’

JT from City Girls has overcome her insecurity and knows she is 'pretty dark and all'

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JT from the City Girls has opened up about colorism and what she’s had to deal with as being a dark skinned woman in the limelight.

“I can’t believe someone I laid with and thought was my friend before anything sat round b**ches and called me black and crunchy,” she tweeted on Monday. “When he say that to me I be thinking be joking but he really feel that way wow!”

JT City Girls
(Credit: Instagram)

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The entertainer, born Jatavia Shakara Johnson, then went on to share how she overcame insecure about the way that she looks and is now much comfortable in the beauty of her dark skin.

“I had insecurity issues for a minute but I know I’m that b**ch now! I know I’m pretty dark and all.”

“It’s so sad that females of brown complexion and darker really get criticized about their complexion. It’s sooo toxic,” one fan tweeted. “Normalize all shades of brown being BEAUTIFUL. Expose all the colorist. It’s even more toxic when its somebody you know.”

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Last month, Tyrese Gibson also shared how colorism impacted his self-esteem as a child. As we previously reported, while appearing as a guest on TV One’s Uncensored, the Sweet Lady singer opened up on the jokes he faced due to his skin tone throughout his childhood. The actor runs down a list of names he was called for being dark-skinned.

“I had never felt a piece of handsome, I had never felt a piece of being cute. I have never heard compliments throughout my childhood. I never got any attention from the ladies,” he revealed.

“I caught every joke in the dark skin community ever. I was Black, burnt, tarp. I was all teeth and eyes. I was ‘blurple’, black and purple. I just never felt attractive, ever.”

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