Former GOP conservative explains why he voted for Biden and thinks you should too

Tom Nichols, the conservative turned Biden supporter, says this is not the time to vote based on policy.

Support for former Vice President Joe Biden is coming in from the most unlikely places.

A conservative penned a piece for USA Today detailing why he voted for Biden this election and not President Donald Trump. Tom Nichols describes himself as an opinion columnist and a former Republican. He says it isn’t Trump’s policies that deterred him from checking Trump on the ballot form but rather the president’s lack of morality.

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He opens the piece by saying he did not vote this year based on policy.

Tom Nichols Biden
Tom Nichols (Credit: Facebook)

“Neither should you,” writes Nichols. “The election of 2020 is about the moral future of the American nation, and so I voted for a good man with whom I have some political disagreements over an evil man with whom I share not a single value as a human being. Trump is the most morally defective human being ever to hold the office of the presidency, worse by every measure than any of the rascals, satyrs or racists who have sat in the Oval Office. This is vastly more important than marginal tax rates or federal judges.”

He goes on to add that he believes Trump’s policies has left the country in bad shape and that the head of state is only interested in his own self gain.

“Trump’s vanity and stupidity have cost thousands of lives and harmed the nation. He has left us less healthy, less wealthy and less safe in every way. But Trump’s assaults on the Constitution and the rule of law, including everything from his vicious attacks on the integrity of our elections to his calls to lock up his political opponents, have left us less American in every way, and that damage will take longer to fix. Four more years of Trump will take those wounds and make them a permanent scar on our national soul.”

Biden Trump
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He ends the piece by saying that a conscious vote for Trump is a betrayal to the country.

“I would never be able to admit to my own child that I voted to keep a dangerous sociopath in office purely out of spite. I could not live with myself if I turned a blind eye to the continued lawlessness of a band of thugs merely because I wanted judges who would be friendly to gun owners or hostile to poor women who want an abortion.”

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