Errin Haines scores Simon & Schuster book deal to explore Black women in politics

As part of a two-book deal, Haines will cover Black women's political journey from gaining right to vote to electing the first Black woman in the White House

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Errin Haines, editor-at-large of The 19th, has signed a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster, including one that will shine a spotlight on the role of Black women in politics.

The book, tentatively titled “Twice As Good,” is scheduled for publication early next year.

Haines’ book will further explore her extensive reporting of Black women as the foundation of American politics. An award-winning journalist, Haines previously covered race for the Associated Press and is an MSNBC contributor.

“Twice As Good” will give an account of Black women’s political journey as voters, organizers and candidates from the perspective of the landmark achievement of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, according to an announcement of the deal.

Errin Haines (via The 19th)

In January 2020, Haines’ debut story for The 19th featured Harris and detailed the role that racial and gender dynamics played in derailing her promising presidential campaign during the Democratic primary. Haines was the first reporter to score a sit-down interview with Harris after her historic fete of becoming the first woman of color to be nominated as the vice-presidential candidate of a major political party.

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After mobilizing voters in the historic win in the Georgia runoff elections, Black women organizers like BlackPAC are already setting their sights on the next target: the 2021 Virginia Governor’s race, Haines reports. BlackPAC is an independent, Black-led organization that uses the power of year-round political engagement and elections to change our economic, justice and political systems.

The group is looking at potential opportunities for more wins in upcoming local, state and federal campaigns where they can continue to expand the Democratic Party’s base and elect more Black women. 

“Instead of saving democracy, we’re able to focus on activating democracy on behalf of Black women,” said Adrianne Shropshire, BlackPAC executive director. She added that BlackPAC will be working in states including Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which have Senate races in 2022 that could determine the chamber’s balance of power. 

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The 19th is a nonprofit news organization that launched last year. The outlet adopted its name from the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which made voting, the country’s most fundamental mode of civic participation, a right regardless of gender. However, millions of women were denied the right to vote for generations.

Although women make up more than half of the American electorate, they remain underrepresented in government and in the nation’s executive ranks.

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