Ms. Juicy, Monie on Little Women: Atlanta Season 6

EXCLUSIVE: The ladies sat down with theGrio and opened up about the new season, filming during quarantine, and more.

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Little Women: Atlanta has been entertaining fans for six seasons now, and by the looks of the latest “supertease” trailer, the new season is sure to be the most entertaining one yet.

In an exclusive interview, Ms. Juicy (Shirlene King Pearson) and Tiffany “Monie” Cashette sat down with theGrio to break down the new season, the loss of their dear castmate Ms. Minnie, and their experience filming during 2020.

LWA star Monie immediately told theGrio, “this season is deep. You get to see the good, bad, and the ugly. It’s one of those seasons you have to watch not only with your eyes but your hearts as well.” 

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One of the deep aspects of this season she’s referring to is the sudden loss of their fellow castmate, Ashley “Ms. Minnie” Ross.

theGrio reported the tragic passing of Ms. Minnie last April, who died from injuries following a car accident. Ms. Minnie still filmed a portion of the season before her tragic passing.

Monie explained, “In all the other seasons, Minnie was there from start to finish. In season 6, she starts with us, but she finished in our hearts.”

Ms. Juicy had much to say about how the cast came together following the passing of Ms. Minnie. She told theGrio, “All of us were in a time of need. We used the show to lean on each other.” Juicy also highlighted her excitement that Monie came back to the show.

Monie was in the first four seasons of LWA but was not a part of the season 5 cast. Juicy explained, “We’re bringing our girl Monie, back! I’m so excited about that, especially in this time of need as well. Her rejoining the Atlanta cast with us was much needed.”

Monie herself also shed some light as to why she returned to the reality show.

She revealed, “I’m so glad. I was able to experience some good times with Minnie, and be there for my friend, and I was also able to get my life in order. This season is a lot of me figuring out what I want to do career-wise.”

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Season 6 takes place during 2020, which brought on the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the burst of worldwide Black Lives Matter protests.

Ms. Juicy explained, “We were very safe and tried to stay healthy during all of it. We learned how to be extra careful.” Monie also chimed in on filming reality TV during a pandemic, saying, “the network kept us so safe. We were all tested behind the scenes. They made sure everyone was protected.”

Ms. Juicy, shedding light on what filming during the BLM protests was like, revealed, “our show is not scripted by a long shot. We are inviting you into our lives, so why not let you guys into that part of our lives? The show did a very good job of covering [The Black Lives Matter movement]…it affects all of us. We needed to let people know that what is going on right now, is not okay.” 

What separates Little Women: Atlanta from other shows, the women believe, is their authenticity.

Juicy concluded, “You’re gonna see everything, we brought you raw and uncut. We’re also educating the public, letting them know, ‘hey, we’re normal!’ We’re bosses and we done bossed all the way up.”

Ms. Juicy’s final comment on the new season? She wants fans to know, “just get ready!”

The new season of Little Women: Atlanta premieres tonight, Jan. 22 at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

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