‘What’s In It For Us?’ podcast talks Biden’s first week in office

    As expectations run high for the new presidency, Americans are also still tackling former President Donald Trump’s past

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    This week on the What’s In it For Us? Podcast, we examine President Joe Biden’s first week in office. As expectations run high for the new presidency, Americans are also still tackling former President Donald Trump’s past. With Trump’s second impeachment still underway and many white Capitol insurrectionists released, the question on Dr. Christina Greer and Dr. Jason Johnson’s minds is: What’s in it for us?

    “Pragmatic patience is where I’m at right now,” Greer says to Johnson regarding Biden’s first week in office. 

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    From the pardoning of rappers such as Kodak Black and Lil Wayne to commuting former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s sentence for racketeering and bribery, Trump’s last days of office were considered a weak plot to garner Black approval, Johnson notes.

    Now that Biden’s presidency is underway, Johnson and Greer both staunchly agree that Biden “needs to fire the entire Postal Office Board.” Everything the board did leading up to the election “was short of criminal,” Greer remarks. 

    “They don’t really care about their constituents,” says Johnson regarding the Republican party. 

    Joe Biden’s issue was always going to be “Democrats who don’t know how to wield power” on top of partisan mental gymnastics,” Johnson continues. Needing resolution for our “frayed Democracy” should be the only thing on his mind,” he argues.

    “The more we hear about insurrection, the more we know we’re going to find out a member of Congress was DM-ing these people,” Johnson says.

    President Joe Biden speaks during an event on American manufacturing, in the South Court Auditorium on the White House complex, Monday, Jan. 25, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

    Funny enough, rappers are held more accountable for their words leading to crimes than Trump has been, the hosts jokingly remark. Both Greer and Johnson joke, but take seriously the witnessing of a nation-wide crime. From the Ted Cruzes to the Trumpers, many are culpable.

    “We’re finding out that some folks, [alleged Black rioter] Emmanuel Jackson in particular, have not made bail. He’s sitting in jail awaiting for his trial, ” Greer says.

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    Many of Jackson’s white associates are back home on bail. The inequitable treatment of Black protesters from the BLM Movement this summer and the white insurrectionists is ridiculous but not surprising, the hosts remark. Many protesters are still in prison, while a couple of protesters have died under suspicious circumstances.

    We are one week into the Biden presidency and still have a long way to go on progress. 

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