New video shows Capitol Officer Eugene Goodman saving Mitt Romney

Goodman, hailed a hero since the Jan. 6 attacks on the Capitol, redirected Romney from the approaching mob

Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman has been recognized as a hero for his quick-thinking actions when the Capitol was sieged last month. New footage has shown that he also saved Sen. Mitt Romney from walking into the path of the angry, violent mob.

The second day of the impeachment trial against Donald Trump featured case managers presenting unseen security video from the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Impeachment manager Rep. Eric Swalwell presented a video of Goodman re-directing Romney from imminent danger who was walking in the path of the pro-Trump supporters who had stormed the Senate chamber.

Goodman told Romney, who had been evacuating the building, to turn back around. Romney is seen heeding that advice and reversing course and began to run in the opposite direction.

Eugene Goodman Mitt Romney
(Credit: Getty Images/New York Times)

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Swalwell called to the attention of the senators, who are acting as jury in Trump’s second impeachment trial, just how close they had come to harm.

“As you were moving through that hallway — I paced it off — you were just 58 steps away from where the mob was amassing and where police were rushing to stop them,” he said.

Goodman passed Romney as he was diverting the mob, some in tactical gear and carrying metal poles and bats as weapon. The group of pro Trump supporters were only steps away from lawmakers in the Senate Chamber.

“Where are they counting the votes?” a rioter asked.

In another video, Officer Goodman says: “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.”

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Romney watched the footage from the chamber. He shared his feeling of gratitude.

“I was very fortunate indeed that Officer Goodman was there to get me in the right direction,” the Utah senator said, NBC reported.

He also added, “It tears at your heart and brings tears to your eyes. That was overwhelmingly distressing and emotional.”

Romney had not known until Wednesday that it was Officer Goodman who assisted him and wanted to thank him.

“I did not know that was Officer Goodman. I look forward to thanking him when I next see him,” Romney said.

House impeachment manager Rep. Stacey Plaskett also presented new footage of former Vice President Mike Pence being led away to safety. He had been on the Senate floor to preside over the Electoral Certification of President Joe Biden.

The video showed Pence and his family being led away to shelter by the Secret Service at the same moment when Trump was lambasting his VP as a “coward” for refusing to overturn the election in his favor. Pence did not have the ability to do so.

“As the rioters reached the top of the stairs, they were within 100 feet of where the vice president was sheltering with his family,” she said.

The rioters were chanting “Hang Mike Pence” as they searched for him.

“The mob was looking for Vice President Pence because of his patriotism because the vice president refused to do what the president demanded and overturn the election results,” said Plaskett.

“Extremists reportedly coordinated online and discussed how they could hunt down the vice president. Journalists in the Capitol reported they heard rioters say they were looking for Pence in order to execute him.”

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