Texas couple opens home to stranded delivery woman for 6 days

Chelsea Timmons has been sheltering with Nina Richardson and Doug Condon since Valentine's Day due to the Texas storm

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A couple in Texas welcomed a delivery woman into their home for the past six days who was left stranded due to the devastating winter storm.

Chelsea Timmons shared in a now-viral post on Facebook that she was “stranded with a stranger,” on Valentine’s Day after making her final delivery stop amid the storm that has devasted the Lone Star State. The weekend job is to help her make extra money and her final H-E-B grocery stop order was at 11 a.m.

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Chelsea Timmons Texas thegrio.com
Chelsea Timmons with Nina Richardson and Doug Condon who opened up their home to her after she was left stranded by the winter storm (Credit: Timmons)

However, when she arrived at the Austin home of Nina Richardson and Doug Condon, her car began slipping downhill in front of their yard.

“I closed my eyes and every imaginable worse case scenario flashed through my head. Then I opened my eyes to see the car roll into their flowerbed, hit their slumped tree and then stop. Luckily I didn’t have enough momentum to cause damage. I was safe, car was undamaged, their property was safe… but that tree was a goner!,” she wrote.

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Timmons unloaded the groceries but the car was now stuck was in the yard. The couple welcomed Timmons into their home as they waited for a tow truck which turned into hours and then days.

“These people let a complete STRANGER  stay the night! Not only that but cooked me a STEAK DINNER! definitely not how I imagined my Valentine’s Day!,” Timmons continued in her post.

She was left in tears by the generosity of the couple who has daughters and part of the reason why they didn’t hesitate to help. She offered to leave many times but they wanted her to shelter in place with them where they still had heat and running water.

“Every morning, when I suggested leaving to a hotel.. “could you make it there safely?” “What would you eat?” “What if they lose power” “isn’t the guest room better than the Hampton Inn?” They basically have refused to let me leave,” her post read.

“Every morning after they say -“no worries, stay a bit longer.” – I go to “my” room and shed tears of joy.”

The trio appeared on Good Morning America to explain their unexpected circumstance and how the storm allowed the best to be shown in their fellow human being.

“When she first came in she was, I think, feeling a little uncomfortable being in a stranger’s house, but pretty quickly it kind of has moved into her just being part of the family,” Richardson said.

The couple’s dogs even took to Timmons who cuddled up to her the first night that she stayed there. The ordeal proved to be an unexpected blessing because she lost electricity in her own home.

“I’m so grateful for these two and grateful that they were not only able but very willing to just let a stranger into their home and keep me safe warm and fed and make me feel comfortable,” she said. “If my car was stuck in front of anybody else’s house, I don’t think that I would be in this situation.”

As of Friday, Timmons was still sheltering with the couple but they were all monitoring the conditions.

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