Black HERstory Month: ‘What’s In It For Us’ podcast looks at femme social justice

'We had an amazing disservice by not having a leader previously in the White House without a one nation strategy,' says Atta-Mensah.

It’s Women’s History Month, the What’s In it For Us? podcast is proud to feature all-femme guests hosts for the entire month of March. Joining Dr. Christina Greer this week is the Executive Director of Community Voices Heard Afua Atta-Mensah.

Tune in as our hosts discuss the social impact of WNBA athletes, the announcement of President Joe Biden’s stimulus package, and the new Johnson & Johnson one-shot COVID-19 vaccine. With many of us still skeptical about it all, we pose the never-ending question: what’s in it for us?

“We had an amazing disservice by not having a leader previously in the White House without a one nation strategy,” says Atta-Mensah.

WNBA players have consistently spoke out and organized for Black femme justice for years. From the Minnesota Lynx to members of the New York Liberty, WNBA players time and time again stick their necks out. Dr. Greer wishes that these players’ male counterparts would follow suit.

While some NBA players do, many largely observe silence. By and large, it’s women who lead the charge. Mensah adds that these women leading movements in the sports world are underpaid and have so much to lose. From the WNBA to women’s soccer teams, they risk it all and still make statements.

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“The big debate we’re having now is that the train is so far off the track for the past four years and with the global pandemic…is this time to reimagine what our society looks like?,” says Dr. Greer.

Biden’s new virus relief package has been announced and we’re asking if the relief is enough? Mensah notes that Biden hasn’t been “robust or strong enough” with eviction and foreclosure moratoriums.

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We need a type of support system for the urgency of the times. Neurologist and parent Dr. Chad Domangue says children need to go back to the classroom to fully foster a developing brain. So many children are struggling with virtual learning. Realistically, this burden falls hardest on Black mothers. What’s the solution?

“Why wouldn’t we employ people with sustainable wages, helping do rollouts–these are things that are grassroots. But sadly we lack the leadership,” says Mensah.

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With all of this going on, a new one-shot vaccine has been introduced into society. With honest medical skepticism in the Black community, many folks are still taking their time with vaccinations and vaccination knowledge.

As of now we hear a lot of lip service, but what’s in it for us is actual action. 

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