‘American Idol’ contestant collapses on set

The show's 'Hollywood Week' proved to be a jaw-dropping TV event

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American Idol is back for season 19 and has had no shortage of jaw-dropping headlines and performances since its return earlier this year. The latest episode, however, featured one of the most frightening moments in American Idol history, when one contestant passed out on stage while receiving critiques from the judges.

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While deep into Hollywood Week, the contestants on American Idol were paired with partners to sing with with only 24 hours notice. In the Duets challenge, the contestants were judged both individually and as a unit, raising the stakes in an already competitive reality show.

Two contestants, Ronda Felton and Funke Lagoke, were paired together this week, singing “Tell Him” the classic duet from Barbra Streisand and Céline Dion. While judge Lionel Richie gave the duo some encouraging words, their performance, unfortunately, failed to impress the judges, making an already stressful situation worse.

Youtube: American Idol contestants Ronda Felton and Funke Lagoke

After singing the duet, the judges shared their thoughts on what they perceived to be an underwhelming performance.

Richie explained, “Well, we had a clear and present disagreement. Tonight was a trainwreck. Ronda, yesterday when we spoke, I said to you, my dear, clearly that I want you to get your self-esteem together, because your voice is in there.”

Richie then explains that while he believed Felton had a great start, she ultimately “crashed and burned” in the performance. But In the midst of giving Lagoke his critique, the show suddenly came to a scary and upsetting halt when Lagoke fainted, falling headfirst onto the stage.

While Richie and Luke Bryan rush to the stage with the medical team, judge Katy Perry looks on, visibly shocked by the incident. As the medical team assesses Lagoke, Bryan says in the clip, “She busted her chin, ya’ll.”

Later in the clip, Lagoke is rushed to an ambulance for dehydration and for possible stitches to her chin.

Finally able to reveal the judges’ decision, Richie then tells a shocked Felton that both her and Lagoke had actually won the challenge, and would both make it to the next week.

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He tells her, “I know as traumatic as it was, okay, I was about to deliver some news…both of you deserve to go through. So, I want you to know congratulations, I know that was traumatic, but we’re here for you. We’re family, okay?”

Check out the clip, including the performance, its unexpected turn and the aftermath, below:

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