Dating ‘expert’ Derrick Jaxn called out for cheating on wife, apologizes in video

Jaxn said he'd already discussed it with his wife, Da’Naia — who sat beside him as he confessed his hypocrisy — before it went public.

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Derrick Jaxn, who is known for his relationship advice that largely criticizes men was outed last week as being unfaithful to his wife, Da’Naia Jackson

In a new video, he appears seated on a sofa next to Jackson, holding her hand as he attempts to explain his story.

Derrick Jaxn (right) and his wife, Da’Naia Jackson (left), are pictured in a new video in which Jaxn, who is known for his relationship advice, apologizes for being unfaithful to her. (Instagram)

”I want to be clear,” he says, “I’m not talking about just casually kicking it, maybe a lunch or something like that. I’m talking about as serious as sex, sexual flirtation, and meeting up and those type of things.”

Jaxn said he had already discussed the details of the affair with his wife before it went public via Tasha K., the blogger to whom Candice De Medeiros alleged earlier this month she had an affair with Jaxn. De Medeiros said she was under the impression he and his bride had separated.

“It’s important that I let you know I don’t stand by those actions, ” Jaxn said. “I don’t want to encourage anybody to do that. Secondly, I know I can’t build a platform preaching certain things, preaching against certain things, and then, in my real life, live contrary to that.”

Jaxn is known for dispensing relationship advice from his car. He became popular on social media, particularly Facebook and YouTube, where he gave advice to women, calling himself a “Self-Love Ambassador.” He recently released a book, Heal Together: Without Hurting Each Other, which features a photo of him and his spouse on its cover.

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While expressive social media users criticized Jaxn’s admitted hypocrisy, the couple’s video was also trending and earning side-eyes because of what appeared to be Jackson’s casual, almost-unprepared appearance; she was dressed in jeans, a sweater and a hat that resembled a bonnet. In fact, “Derrick Jaxn’s wife” is currently trending on Twitter. 

“Derrick Jaxn wife in that video “ did I cheat on my wife blah blah blah “ looks extremely out of it. She looks so unhappy,” one person tweeted. “Sometimes I wonder why as women we put up with these toxic men and allow them to steal our youth which in the end we just regret.” 

Sympathy for her appears to dominate the public’s response. 

“I never saw it for Derrick Jaxn because I knew from jump that all he was doing was selling women back their own pain and preying on their emotional trauma,” another Twitter user wrote. “I feel for his wife because there’s no love left in her eyes, no joy, and she didn’t deserve that.”

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