Black father of Bagel ‘Karen’ fears for kids: ‘She damaged our children by spitting race poison’

Stephanie Denaro, known as 'Bagel Karen', used several racial slurs when she wasn't served without a mask

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The Black father of Stephanie Denaro’s four children—-who is now known as Bagel Karen—is speaking out against her racist tirade.

Durven Dawes spoke with TMZ on Thursday in New York to share his feelings on the widely shared viral incident of his ex verbally abusing Victor Kamara, a cashier at Davidovich Bakery in New York.

As theGrio reported, Denaro was angered that she would not be served without a mask.

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In response, Denaro berated Kamara in a racist and profanity-laced rant after he informed her she wouldn’t be served.

“Why cuz he’s a b—h a—s n—-r?” she said, eliciting shock from other store patrons.

“Ohh, that’s what he is. That’s what he is. b— a—s n—-a. I just said it. You heard it.”

Bagel Karen Durven Dawe Stephnaie Denaro
(Credit: screenshot/Instagram)

Denaro had three of her children, whom she shares with Dawes, with her at the time. He told TMZ that shortly after the incident, he began to receive messages and texts about her behavior.

“If Stephanie Denaro conducts herself in a manner like that in 2021 or any other time, then I think she responsible for her actions. She damaged our children by spitting race poison,” a masked Dawes told the outlet.

“I have a problem with everybody using that form of language…even my own children.”

Dawes, who was wearing a mask during his exchange with TMZ, said he was worried about his children’s safety with their mother, though the outlet reported that he’d previously lost custody of them.

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“I have concern about children’s safety 150%. I’m not a psychiatrist or a psychologist but my opinion is that if that young lady gets proper mental care and gets monitored effectively, then her actions won’t be so negative; that to attack people in a racist manner,” he said.

Dawes urged Denaro to repent for her actions.

“My message to you as my children’s mom: Atone yourself. You’re educated enough to do the right thing. Sit back, think about it. Don’t get indoctrinated. Don’t let poison into yourself, your mind, make amends.”

Dawes also extended his heartfelt apology to Kamara in sharp contrast to his ex, who doubled down on the abusive language she used in an interview with The Daily News.

“I said, ‘You’re a b—h a—- n—-r,’ a term they use,” she told the publication on Tuesday.

Denaro created a new Instagram account where she dismissed criticisms as an affront to her First Amendment rights.

“I came here to say this. I STAND BY WHAT I SAID!!!! You mistreat me with my children,” she captioned alongside a picture of the American flag.

“You infringed on my freedoms. I have freedom of speech. I can SAY WHAT I FEEL. Leave me alone and stop attacking me for saying my opinion. Do you know what the 1st amendment is? FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I don’t see you all getting mad about the others that uses that word? Go focus on more important problems like Chicago’s murder rate… Stop telling me how to live my life.”

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