Black Astrology: April is about drastic change and making boss moves

The Ram is all about taking action, rising to challenges and taking initiative.

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Turn up the volume to “Auld Lang Syne,” eat some black-eyed peas, have some soup joumou and get hype. The sun entered bold and determined Aries on March 20, ushering us into a new astrological year and making it the perfect time for fun, creativity and boss moves.

This cosmic reset is a reminder that you create your reality and Aries season is ‘bout it. As the first and youngest sign of the zodiac, it’s Aries’s job to get the party started. The Ram is all about taking action, rising to challenges and taking initiative. Aries wants to win: pointe barre, period!

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Aries Ram
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So if you’ve been meaning to finish (or start) your 2021 vision board or recommit to your New Year’s Resolutions — the time is now. And if you’ve been discovering or remembering just exactly who you are, what you’re made of and what you want, you can thank The Universe for this Blueprint 3-sized “Reminder.”

We’ve made it through a full celestial calendar of an actual plague, continued violation of our civil rights and enough political shenanigans to fill hundreds of Wikipedia pages. If this is not a Tower moment, I don’t know what is.

When I pulled The Tower from my Illuminated Playing Card deck, my first reaction was “Oh no! Not one of the ‘scary’ cards!” I needed a reminder too. There are no scary cards. They’re all advice for us to reach our highest potential and our greatest good. The Tower shows up when we need a drastic change in perspective. It comes to tell you that the building is on fire and that you’ve got to get out.

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If the Tower could speak it would say “you CAN NOT stay here ANY longer. This ain’t where the money resides and love don’t live here no more” — it wouldn’t whisper either. It would yell in your face like Harvey Walden IV from Celebrity Fit Club. Spittle might even fly in your eye. 

The Tower from my Illuminated (Photo: Playing Card deck)

Tower moments can be shocking but they’re not as sudden as they feel. The Tower is a moment of internal truth. It’s realizing that you’ve been telling yourself a story that simply isn’t working for you because it’s false. It’s facing a reality that maybe you’ve built a life for yourself based on values and a definition of success that are not even your own. These moments are difficult but necessary.

We all start off our lives with the youthful and go-getter energy of Aries and are taught otherwise by circumstance and social contracts. Everyone’s Tower moment is different. It could be revelatory words from a friend, losing something important to you, or can even come via something you saw on a show on Hulu.

However it manifests, there’s no turning back after a Tower moment. There’s only growth, evolution and positive change ahead and the youthful and daring Aries energy is here this month to help us to rebuild our psyche, renew our investment into our true selves, and to forge ahead toward the life we want with courage and gusto.

The Tower and Aries want us to make moves and to enjoy the process of making them. Happy New Year! Happy New You!

Danhy Clermont is a millennial artist, writer, life-long astrology enthusiast, intuitive and reader. You can follow her on Instagram @i_am_danhy.

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