March Black Tarotscope: Pull back the curtain and redefine what you believe

theGrio's resident astrologer Danhy Clermont says under the rule of Neptune, this month gives us opportunity to study and learn with compassion for ourselves

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When I asked God and The Universe what theGrio readers needed to know for March 2021, I was surprised to pull The Hierophant from my Everyday Tarot deck. I rarely receive this card in readings. But of course Pisces season, with its motto of “I believe,” would bring this Lean On Me‘s Mr. Clark energy forward to help us wrap up the astrological year.  

The Hierophant card pulled from Everyday Tarot deck. (Photo: Everyday Tarot Deck)

Typically, The Hierophant champions traditional values and encourages us to group identify. He represents wisdom and working with a mentor to expand our knowledge. But in this reading, I’m drawn to the challenge denoting number five. This is where The Hierophant gets real Mr. Clark-ish.

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Mr. Clark values tradition, institution and education. He wants you to learn the school song. He wants you to take pride in singing it and in repping Fair Eastside High. But if you’ve managed to make the song better, presto change-o, your remix is the new official school song.

He’s not afraid to chain the exits either if it means you’re safe from drug dealers while you study, fire marshal be damned. He’s a traditional guy but he’s radical in his approach — kinda like Jesus, The Fisher of Men and the ultimate Piscean Archetype.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune — the planet that governs deep spirituality, unhealed wounds and our subconscious. Neptune teaches us to be compassionate and to sacrifice for the greater good. But don’t get it twisted. Though Neptune, The Planet of Mist, is here to inspire and purify us it can also cloud our perception of reality.

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As the Sun travels through Pisces, we can uncover truths, our own naiveté and delusions. Mr. Clark, after all, was arrested for violating the fire code. You can’t really lock people in a public building, even if it is for their own safety. (Drugs, bee tee dubs are also ruled by Neptune.)

View of planet Neptune from space. Space, nebula and planet Neptune. (Photo: Adobe Stock/NASA)

The Hierophant’s presence during Pisces season invites us to familiarize ourselves with long-established traditions and beliefs but it also wants us to pull back the curtain. Is it The Great Oz or is it Herman Smith from Atlantic City in a gigantic fire-breathing metalhead? As Black people, what are our traditions and values? What’s really ours and what was forced upon us? What do you believe? What ideals do you challenge? Schedule an Astrology Character Reading Consultation Appointment to know more.

There’s so much to uncover and March gives us plenty of opportunities to study and learn with compassion for ourselves. Pisces, a mutable sign, helps us to conclude cycles. As we head into Spring Equinox and the new astrological year, we are free to release all that we discover we no longer believe. And as we redefine what we believe we reclaim who we are.  “Can You Feel A Brand New Day?”

Danhy Clermont is a millennial artist, writer, life-long astrology enthusiast, intuitive and reader. You can follow her on Instagram @i_am_danhy.

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