Giuliani responds to federal raid of NYC apartment

Giuliani's attorney "can demonstrate that his conduct as a lawyer and a citizen was absolutely legal and ethical."

Rudy Giuliani has responded to the raid of his New York City apartment by federal prosecutors. 

In a statement, his attorney, Bob Costello, wrote, “It is outrageous that the Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone so far that hatred has driven this unjustified and unethical attack on the United States Attorney and Mayor who did more to reduce crime than virtually any other in American history.” 

Rudy Giuliani, former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, exits after speaking to the press in November at the Republican National Committee headquarters about various lawsuits related to the 2020 election. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“Mr. Giuliani respects the law,” Costello contended, “and he can demonstrate that his conduct as a lawyer and a citizen was absolutely legal and ethical.”

The raid was executed on Wednesday by federal agents who seized cell phones and computers. Their warrants were in relation to an allegation that Giuliani failed to register as a foreign agent, in violation of lobbying laws, as he led an effort to find dirt on then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in Ukraine prior to the November 2020 presidential election. 

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His attorney said New York City’s former mayor has denied the allegation and offered to attempt to clear his name with federal authorities twice in the past two years, but the offer, he said, was rejected by investigators. 

Prior to the release of his lawyer’s statement, Giuliani said he would appear on the radio Wednesday with a live response to the raid. He said he would be live on air at 3 p.m. in a tweet that was quickly deleted,

At the said time yesterday, Giuliani did not appear on air. 

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Days before the raid, anti-Trump Republican grassroots organization The Lincoln Project wrote on Twitter “Multiple sources confirming something BIG is coming this Wednesday.” 

“It’s a big deal to execute a search warrant concerning an attorney because of issues of attorney-client privilege,” Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson told Reuters. “It’s a bigger deal to execute a search warrant of an attorney who worked for the former president.”

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