Kandi Burruss on Wanya Morris feud: ‘Disrespectful as f**k’

"I wasn’t making it personal, I was just trying to handle my business but they were trying to act like they were so important that I should have just been glad to work with them," said Burruss who is sharing more about her contentious collaboration with Boyz II Men.

The discord between Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss and Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris continues. 

As theGrio previously reported, in early May, Burruss divulged that she had a negative experience working with the renowned R&B group during an interview with musician Eddie Levert and his daughter, Ryan Levert.  

“We fell out after that. It was an issue. I don’t think I’ve ever been disrespected like that before in a studio in my life. But at the end of the day that was a long time ago. Clearly, you know we’ve moved past that or whatever,” Burruss said.

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While Burruss didn’t specify the issue in that interview, other than to say “it wasn’t about singing,” Morris responded to her comments by explaining the situation in detail. He said she and the group clashed over songwriting credits for a song they all worked on. Morris acknowledged that today, many songwriters do business the way Burruss suggested and said he agrees with some of the points she makes on RHOA. However, he also said he “can take her or leave her” and implied that she had limited singing abilities. 

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Now, Burruss is sharing a lot more per her perspective about what took place between her and the “End of the Road” crooners. On Saturday, Burruss uploaded a video on her YouTube channel saying she wanted to address the online chatter. 

“No shade here. I love the group Boyz II Men as far as them being artists, I think they’re amazing. I have no shade about them, their career or anything like that but what I will say is I did have a bad experience,” said Burruss. 

Based on Burruss’ account, she and Boyz II Men collaborated on two songs: a record called “Good Guy” and another called “Beautiful Women”. After wrapping up the songs, Burruss said the mood during a late night studio session shifted instantly after she asked about “splits” or the percentage of songwriting credits each writer gets on an individual song. 

Though Burruss says she had done the majority of the work for the first record, Morris and other group members attempted to short-change her for 10 percent instead of the 25 they had previously discussed. Additionally, rather than discussing the deal with Burruss, group members called her then manager.

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“Mind you, my manager is standing right in front of me, so I can hear their voices and hear what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. And they were like ‘I can’t believe she even fixed her mouth to ask us about some splits,” said Burruss. According to her, Morris and other group members felt like Burruss should’ve been happy just to be working with them. 

“Of course I’m pissed because I wasn’t making it personal, I was just trying to handle my business but they were trying to act like they were so important that I should have just been glad to work with them and not have even asked them about the splits.” 

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To add sexism to ego and unprofessionalism, Burruss also says that the day after that studio session the group members excluded her from their business meetings, opting to speak only with her manager and even went as far as walking right past her without a word. 

In the end, Burruss got the percentage she was owed and went on to say that she’s secure in career and isn’t phased by the shade thrown her way by Morris, but stands by what she said. 

“I’m not holding grudges about it but if someone asks me what my worst experience was, I’m sorry, that is the truth,” said Burruss. “It was disrespectful as f***.”

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TheGrio’s Tonya Pendleton contributed to this story.