Elementary school teacher revealed to be white supremacist writer

“When I teach my students or write papers, I refuse to engage in cultural Marxism or in anti-white rhetoric,” Ben Welton wrote under one of his alter egos

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A Huffington Post expose has detailed the white supremacist literature of 33-year-old former Massachusetts teacher and Boston University Ph.D. candidate, Ben Welton. Earlier this week, Welton was exposed by the Anonymous Comrades Collective, a group of anti-fascist cyber researchers. 

Under the pseudonyms of “Sinclair Jenkins”, “Jake Bowyer”, and “Elias Kingston”, Welton has published numerous articles on extremist websites and blogs including American Renaissance, American Sun, and VDare, and produced his own online magazines where he published collections of poetry and essays. As a freelancer, Welton used his real name to write for the Atlantic, VICE, and the conservative outlets, The Daily Caller, the Weekly Standard, which the Huffington Post notes published his extreme, white nationalist views. 

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Welton used pseudonymous social media accounts on Twitter such as P.oast, and Gab–all of which have been deleted– to amplify hate into an echo chamber of other white nationalist online communities. Taking on the persona of the “Spooky Nationalist”, Welton self-described as a “race realist” who believes in the biological basis of the races and through his writing, promoted white nationalist, anti-immigrant, and islamophobic ideas. The West Virginia native also advocated for the establishment of a white ethnostate by violent means, writing “No mercy for our enemies…Treat those who want to abolish ‘whiteness’ with the same venom if not more. They deserve medieval punishments,” in a March 31 social media post.

“I now try to inject race realism into my working life,” Welton wrote as Jenkins in a 2017 American Renaissance article. “When I teach my students or write papers, I refuse to engage in cultural Marxism or in anti-white rhetoric.”

Welton previously taught at Boston’s Star Academy elementary school. The Huffington Post reports that Welton was initially put on leave when the school was contacted for comment and has been fired. 

Ben Welton thegrio.com
White supremacist writer Ben Welton (Source: Anonymous Comrades Collective)

Star Academy also issued an official statement saying it is “committed to a diverse and inclusive community and embraces our responsibility as an educational institution to foster a safe and healthy environment for our students. We do not support, condone, or agree with white supremacism or white separatist ideologies.” 

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A teacher by day who believed that only geniuses were worthy of educational opportunities, Welton also taught at the University of Vermont and Boston University during his graduate studies, Huffington Post reports. 

“Your typical man on the street in America 2018 A.D. will come up with a small catalog of answers about what to do with our education system. The race realist will speak of declining worldwide IQs and America’s increasing mongrelization driven by unassimilated races with below-average intelligence capacities,” Welton wrote in a 2018 American Sun article. 

“There is not a Rembrandt hidden in each booger-eater, and the next Tesla is not currently marching toward the U.S. border from Guatemala.” 

The Huffington Post notes that while there is no evidence of Welton indoctrinating his students, his extremist views were apparently, recognized in the classroom. 

“A teacher with too many personal opinions and present them as facts,” said a student review.  “Full of himself and misogynistic. A very unpleasant person overall. He can’t help himself from spewing his: Proto-Fascist, Libertarian, Anti-Feminist and Neo-Conservative propaganda in front of the class.”

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