Niecy Nash wants to ‘make love around the world’ with wife: ‘Break my back over here’

"I want to make love all around the world. I need some stamps in these passports," Nash says.

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Niecy Nash is mentioning it all! The happily married actress shares in a recent video that she wants to “make love around the world” with her wife, cheekily saying she wants to, “break her back” all over.

Nash has been incredibly open about her journey with her sexuality and new marriage to her wife, singer Jessica Betts. After tying the knot last year, the actress and comedian has made numerous appearances and social media posts celebrating her love, showing the world her pride and experience.

In a new video from Most, Netflix‘s LGBTQ+-focused social media account, the actress sat down with her wife for a fun chat, where she joked about their love life and her attraction to Betts.

Niecy Nash
(Photo: YouTube/GMA/screenshot)

Nash explains in the popular video, “I want to make love all around the world. I need some stamps in these passports, you know what I mean?” She then continues to joke, even getting a laugh out of Betts in the process.

She says, “Break my back over here, break my back over there! So…that’s the plan,” before smiling and pulling Betts in close.

As theGrio previously reported, Nash has brought her fans and followers into her journey of self-discovery and love through social media interactions and sit-down interviews. Earlier this year, she made an appearance on the popular Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk, in which she detailed her coming out journey and how she handled that with her family, specifically her children.

Revealing that she had never been with a woman before being with Betts, she shared at the time, “My daughters were like, ‘Wait what? My youngest daughter, she reminded me, she was like, ‘Wait a minute mom, are you the same mom that was like girl, I’m strictly dickly?’ And I was like, ‘Wah, wah. Like yeah, but no.’”

She continued, “And my son was like, ‘Wooow.”

She also revealed her mother’s reaction to her coming out while sitting down with hosts Jada Pinkett SmithWillow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris. She explained, “Well, it’s a little bit different because of her generation. I have never doubted for one second that my mother loves me. I feel like her fear was, ‘How will you be received? How will I be perceived?’”

She continued to dive into how her family history and trauma trickled down into her own past choices, sharing, “I come from a long, long line of women who felt like their identities were wrapped up in whether or not they had a man. ‘Blind, crippled, crazy, married or lazy, get you one, keep one,’ because it validates you to have a ‘him.’”

She explained, “And so you put a lot of stock in that, and it doesn’t really matter about your happiness. Thank God for therapy because we’re all in it, we’ve all been in it, and it’s a process.”

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