‘Where the Money Reside’ viral star Relly B is not done with his 15 minutes of fame

The former car salesman said he's in it for the long haul.

It’s been several months since the 24-year-old Louisiana native Durell “Relly B” Smylie went viral after tweeting his now-famous homemade promotional video — a special to customers interested in purchasing a new car. From there, “Where the money reside” was born.

Raking in nearly 3 million views across Twitter in less than one day and with over 10 billion impressions to date, Smylie became a viral star. His catchphrase has been shouted out by many including celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, Ryan Destiny, City Girls, even Halle Berry found herself using the catchy slogan. 

Durell "Relly B" Smylie thegrio.com
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Living out his popular motto, the internet creator was quick to trademark his now-iconic jingle. Since his rise to fame, Smylie has embarked on several partnerships with Cash App, Twitch, and NFL, to name a few, and has several brands in the works, one being a natural hair care line. He even has expanded into acting, landing several roles (currently under wraps).

Now, the internet star says he’s ready to take his talent to the music arena.

Smylie or Relly B, rather, recently dropped the extended version of his renowned jingle single. The upbeat, “twerk-inducing” tune was produced by DDot Omen, platinum producer, and his frequent collaborator, Tyrus. It is currently available on all streaming platforms

theGrio recently caught up with Smylie, who talked about the ups and downs of viral fame, the new single, and his plans for the future. 

theGrio: You went viral back in December 2020, how has it been for you since? What is life like now?

Smylie: It’s been challenging, it’s been fun, and I’m living out some of my dreams. 

I’m navigating dealing with the conversion of a lifestyle. It’s like I went from this ordinary car salesman to now you can’t even go out of town because everyone wants to take a picture. You have to deal with negativity. You have to deal with hatred. That being said, it all has its challenges. 

But on the flip side, I’ve met many, many celebrities. I’ve met Diddy, Drake, ya know? The only person I haven’t met yet that I want to meet is Nicki Minaj

Durell "Relly B" Smylie thegrio.com
(Credit: Smylie)

tG: Going back, beyond your work as a car salesman, what was your life like before going viral? Did you have any hobbies or interests?

Smylie: Whenever you are a car salesman—any salesman can attest—your soul is put into selling cars. 

By the time you get off, the only thing you want to do is go to bed, just to wake up and do the same thing in the morning. Your off days are limited. You may have to go back because a customer may come in on your off day. It’s like you never have time to do anything else. 

I really didn’t do anything but clean my house and then go sell cars. 

What made you pivot into music? 

Smylie: I don’t know. Honestly, I guess I just want to do everything I can. I act now. I have my song. I have a haircare line that I’m coming out with. I’m just doing everything I can because, in life, you never know what you may like, so if I don’t try it, then I won’t know. 

tG: Let’s talk about your new song, the full version of the viral jingle. Can you talk about what the recording process has been like for you? Are there plans for an album or EP?

Smylie: It was very easy. 

It was similar to what I did in the video or the car or dealership. It was a freestyle. It only took about 30 minutes to produce. It was just something I went into the studio and had fun with it, and I had a great time recording it in LA. 

There are no plans for an album right now, but I may drop one or two more singles with some of my favorites, but they are not confirmed yet. You never know. 

tG: Is there anyone you want to collaborate with in the future? 

Smylie: I mean, there is Big Freedia, of course, Nicki Minaj, BIA, and a few others. But for me, anyone that is Black, or Queer, I’m all about amplification. 

tG: Aside from music, what’s next for you? How do you plan to cement your legacy? 

Smylie: I really can’t say too much, but I’ve got some BIG things coming. 

I’ve been cast on a very popular show, my hair care line is coming out, a new single will be coming out as well, and I’m doing a collaboration with someone very special, a wave grease collection, so we’re going to cater the guys as well. 

But for the most part, I’m just taking what I see, focusing on the positives of everything around me. 

I knew the song would die down eventually, and yeah, now I’m on this show, but what will I have that could possibly make me millions? So that’s when I started trying to create and sustain multiple streams of income. I hope I can retire my auntie. 

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