The #MilkCrateChallenge is taking over the internet

The latest viral internet challenge involves successfully climbing up and down a freestanding stack of milk crates

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Unfortunately, not all of us will compete for an Olympic gold medal in our lifetimes. But never fear — for those of us currently unable to soar through the air like Simone Biles or hurl a shotput 65-plus feet like Raven Saunders, a highly accessible backyard sport is taking the nation by storm — all you need are a few milk crates.

The #MilkCrateChallenge, also referred to as the #CrateChallenge and the #HoodOlympics is the latest viral sensation making the rounds across social media platforms.

The goal, simply put, is to successfully climb over a freestanding stack of milk crates without falling. If it sounds easy, the hundreds of viral videos documenting spectacularly failed attempts may be worth a watch before trying the feat for yourself.

The most common stacking formation resembles an up-and-down staircase, standing seven crates tall at its highest point. While many have been able to survive the ascent, for several ill-fated participants, literally and figuratively, it’s all downhill from there.

What makes the challenge so difficult, per Complex’s Joshua Espinoza, is that a single standard industrial milk crate can withstand “thousands of pounds of pressure,” but stacked on top of one another they become highly unstable. Additionally, the challenge is most commonly attempted on a grass surface, which can have uneven bumps, although it provides a slightly softer landing pad for those unable to conquer the crates.

While the failed attempts appear to vastly outnumber the successes, a few chosen ones have done what most in the world couldn’t.

One of the few victors is Shauntica Williams, also known as “Tic,” who told theGrio she decided to try the challenge on a whim.

“I actually had just pulled up, and I had just seen them trying but I had already seen it on Instagram. So once I had seen them fall, I was just like man, they funny,” Williams said.

“I was like alright I’m bout to get up then,” she continued. “I was going up there and I’m just like… you can’t fall, you can’t fall. You can’t embarrass yourself.”

The video, first posted by Qa’shonn Malone, owner of Galore Collections clothing line @h4gwalla on Tuesday, has since racked up over 52,000 likes.

Williams said she earned roughly $800 for the feat, which she successfully completed in just a few minutes.

“Aye y’all this was my dream ? I always wanted to be known around the world ? & I finally got it ??,” Williams posted on her Instagram Story @sweet_tic after beating the challenge.

Some have even completed the challenge with extra style points. Twitter user @SirVstudio, the self-proclaimed “Official Milk Crate Challenge News Source” posted on Saturday: “A man by the name of White Mike has set a new world record, being the 1st person to complete the Milk Crate Challenge while rolling a blunt ? ?.”

Among those whose #MilkCrateChallenge submission went viral for the opposite reason is rapper and singer YK Osiris, one of the first celebrity participants.

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