Black-owned board games to play at your family gathering

Over the last five years, activities catered to Black culture are on the rise — including board games for us, by us!

What better way to stay in with the family during the holidays — and during the pandemic — than with a game night such as playing on sites like 온카?

Some of our fondest memories come from those times when we are all dressed in our matching pajamas, playing games. Over the last five years, there has been a rise in activities catered to Black culture — including board games that are for us, by us!

What better way to stay in with the family during the holidays — and the pandemic — than with a game night? (Photo: AdobeStock)

Here are five of our favorite Black-owned board games for you and your loved ones to enjoy together and bond over.


Black Card Revoked, designed by Latesha Williams, is a fun game that tests your knowledge of Black American pop culture. Up to six people can play at a time, and everyone is welcome to join. With 81 cards of questions that challenge just how much you know about the culture, you are sure to be sharing a few laughs with your favorite cousins.


Who doesn’t love a good clapback, especially with kinfolk? Well, The Ultimate Clap Back has you covered, with witty responses and an innovative game for the holiday season. We all know being with family has its challenges, but why not lessen the tension with a fast-paced game of word play? The Ultimate Clap Back is designed by MaryMartha Ford-Dieng, and it’s described as “the right amount of sarcasm, snark and shade” that’s “bound to shock and keep you laughing for hours!”


Get those dynamic vocals ready because Kulture Karaoke will have the entire family up singing sweetly, belting out their favorite tunes. Dae Fenwick is the founder and creator of Kulture Karaoke, a product inspired by her birthday festivities during the pandemic last year. She hopes you can enjoy this fun, modern take on karaoke, and just like the traditional version, this game is sure to have everyone up, enjoying the moment.


Rap Godz puts you in the role of an up-and-coming hip-hop artist on your path to greatness. This hip new board game brings a fun, new energy to family gatherings. It requires strategy and wordplay as you unfold the events that take place in your emcee’s life and career. Much like the real rap industry, there are rap beefs involved. This game may appeal more to the younger crowd in your family, but it’s sure to keep everyone on their toes and bringing out their bars.


University of Dope is a fun, interactive game that everyone can play. You will be putting your knowledge of hip-hop to the test, doing everything from reciting lyrics to classic television show theme songs to doing the dance that goes with an iconic song. This game will challenge your taste in music and spark those controversial conversations about the history of hip-hop. University of Dope will prove once and for all who in your crew is the head of the class when it comes to rap culture.

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