Five destinations in Africa to visit this winter

Is it a dream to visit the motherland? Here are places that you should consider when traveling to the continent of Africa.

Raise your hand if it is a dream to visit the motherland. It’s ours too! Since the beginning of time, Africa has been on every wise wanderer’s radar. From the land of lush resources to the actual birthplace of humanity, Africa is the heralded queen of continents.

But when visiting, just where do you go?

City Hall in Cape Town, South Africa is lit with purple lights to honor the life of late Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (Photo: Charlie Shoemaker/Getty Images)

Minimizing the exploration of Africa to just five destinations is no easy task. It’s almost impossible, but we have our reasons. Just one look at Zanzibar waters, and you’re stuck in a daze. Or try peeking into the music, fashion, culture and nightlife of Lagos without envy. (I mean, who else can dance like that?) 

Although we have the Mississippi River, wonder what it may be like to tour the infamous Nile? All of this and much more is the reason we came up with a list of five destinations to visit in Africa. Check out our choices below.


Tanzania is known as the soul of Africa, where many world anthropologists relocate. But why, you may ask? Well, first, Zanzibar, Tanzania boasts the most beautiful world-class beaches you may ever see. Outside of that, the country is rich with 16 national parks, with the Serengeti National Park as a highlight, where you can witness the black rhino, the Cape buffalo, the lion, the leopard and the elephant, i.e. the Big Five. Tanzania is a safe country, where you can visit the Maasai villages and get a chance to learn some skills from the locals and give back to the communities. So, it’s a top destination indeed. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa has wine lands, various beaches, mountains and industrious architecture that is often imitated but never duplicated. In short, Cape Town is the capital of South Africa, for reasons beyond population. The energy, history, placement and scenery of this city is one to experience as you trod through the Table Mountain, Bo-Kaap neighborhood or Robben Island and remember what has taken place here — and how much more we have to look forward to. 

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is one of the largest cities in the world, but the densest in Africa, with 25 million in the human population. Lagos has a bustling entertainment scene known as Nollywood, their local Hollywood, with most movies cast there and most music and entertainment happening in the inner city. As a seaport hub, you can find vast shopping, businesses and street markets full of gems. Lagos is known as the center of wealth and success and one of the most electric cities in the world. Once you enter, you will not want to leave. 


Tourists Visits Pyramids In Egypt After Recent Bomb Blasts
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

If you consider pyramids great vortexes into history that tell a great story about who we are, we suggest you visit either Cairo or Giza, Egypt. Egypt is one of the oldest travel destinations on earth. The country’s modern capital city, Cairo, is located near the mouth of the Nile River and is a busy metropolis where you can shop at local markets and visit the Egyptian Museum to see mummies and other artifacts from the past. Giza, right outside of the city’s limits, is the most iconic visit destination in the world, with the pyramids, temples and the great sphinx in the desert land. If you get a chance, don’t miss this trip.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech brings excitement to Morocco as the largest city of the Arabic country with that much fun. The red city — once known as the hippie mecca, attracting bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones — has so much entertainment, you are in for a good time, for sure. Dance with the snake charmers, taste-test some delicacies, shop at the bustling marts in the medina or visit the botanical gardens and spa while noting the city’s great architecture in your head. Whatever you choose to indulge in, just know you won’t ever regret visiting Marrakech. 

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