Ohio man arrested after allegedly stabbing mom more than 20 times

Dorian White confessed to stabbing Melissa Graham Monday in his building's parking lot as she came to bring him groceries.

A 24-year-old Grove City, Ohio, man has been charged with the murder of his mother, accused of stabbing her more than 20 times. 

As reported by The Columbus Dispatch, Dorian White stabbed Melissa Graham Monday in the parking lot of his apartment building as she came to bring him groceries. When Graham, 46, arrived at her son’s home, police said, White met her outside, sprayed her with mace, then stabbed her repeatedly. 

According to local reports, 24-year-old Dorian White (above) stabbed his mother, Melissa Graham, in the parking lot of his apartment building Monday as she came to bring him groceries. (Photo: Screengrab/10tv.com)

“He only stopped because he got tired,” according to court documents. 

Grove City police found White walking near the scene with the knife still in his hand; they had responded after receiving calls from the area about a man stabbing a woman. White confessed to the crime once taken into custody, and he has been charged with aggravated murder. He is currently being held in the Franklin County Jail with no bail. 

According to PEOPLE, witnesses saw White stab Graham multiple times — and even kick her while she was on the ground. 

Police believe the crime may have been premeditated. “He did plan it in advance,” Grove City police Lt. Jason Stern told PEOPLE. “He faked a reason to get her over there.”

According to the report, White expressed some remorse, allegedly saying during his interview with police, “I feel bad, but she deserved it.”

“It is as tragic as it gets,” says Stern. “Here she is trying to help out her kid. It really breaks your heart.”

A 2012 CBS News report said that on average, about five parents are killed by their biological children in the United States every week. While matricide and patricide are rare, it is still a crime of family violence. Patricide and matricide are reportedly hard to predict, but factors like a history of violence, chemical dependence and stressors inside and outside of the home play a major role. 

In Ohio, more than 130 people died in cases connected to domestic violence this year. According to WOSU, that is a 62% increase, compared with the last two years. The state is seeing an increase of young victims being killed, and new law introduced last year will require police to assess the lethality of a situation when responding to domestic violence calls. 

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