Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bipartisan legislation, which expands the number of paid state holidays from 12 to 13.
/ April 7, 2022
Nicholas Reardon, the Columbus police officer who shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.
/ March 12, 2022
Dorian White confessed to stabbing Melissa Graham Monday in his building’s parking lot as she came to bring him groceries.
/ February 4, 2022
Republican Gov. Mike DeWine said he is asking officials to determine whether any laws were broken by so-called Bishop Sycamore High School.
/ December 19, 2021
In addition to the fatal shot to her lower torso, 16-year-old Bryant was struck in the back, right shoulder and right thigh.
/ August 19, 2021
Justin Tyran Roberts
Justin Tyran Roberts allegedly admitted to seeking out white men during a two-day attack in Alabama and Georgia.
/ June 15, 2021
A compelling New York Times story details how the protective Bryant had cycled through at least five placements in the past two years.
/ May 10, 2021