Deputy Va. attorney general resigns after praising insurrection on Facebook 

Monique Miles, who called the Jan. 6 insurrectionists “patriots," was Virginia's deputy attorney general for government operations and transactions.

A recently appointed deputy attorney general in Virginia has resigned after a report revealed social media posts praising January 6th insurrectionists.

Until Thursday, Monique Miles was the state’s deputy attorney general for government operations and transactions. She called the insurrectionists “patriots” on her Facebook page, according to The Washington Post.

Miles was named to the position on Jan. 3 by Jason S. Miyares, a Republican elected Virginia’s attorney general in November.

Monique Miles, a deputy attorney general in Virginia, has resigned after The Washington Post reported on Facebook posts of hers praising January 6th insurrectionists as “patriots.” (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter)

“News flash: Patriots have stormed the Capitol,” she wrote in one post. “No surprise. The deep state has awoken the sleeping giant. Patriots are not taking this lying down. We are awake, ready, and will fight for our rights by any means necessary.”

Miles shared the post on January 6 under the screen name Monique Miglia, which is also her Twitter moniker.

According to the report, Miles also frequently claimed that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election and shared numerous claims about voter fraud and election interference.

In an email response to The Post, Miles wrote that the revelation of what she posted on social media was an attempt at “character assassination to stir up controversy,” adding that “some liberals have their daggers out for black conservative females.”

A spokesperson for Miyares’ office said Miles’ Facebook assertions were “unknown” to his office before the story was published in Thursday’s Post. “The Attorney General has been very clear — Joe Biden won the election and he has condemned the January 6th attacks,” the spokesperson said.

In her email, Miles maintained her “posts were made at a time when the news was still developing re: the facts around the election, the court cases, the Rally on the Ellipse and what happened at the capitol. That was before all the audits occurred. These posts have been taken out of context.”

“What we know now about the election today is very different from what we knew on Election Day 2020,” she added, “or even what we knew on the day that President Biden was inaugurated in January 2021. I believe he is our president as he was certified as such.”

In her former role as deputy attorney general for government operations and transactions, Miles would have overseen such issues as election-related litigation and given legal advice to the state Department of Elections and its governing body.

She also espoused theories that China interfered in the 2020 election and contended the January 6 insurrection was carried out by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists disguised as Trump supporters.

On Twitter, Miles has continued to assert that sanctions against her are based in part on her race and gender. “Gov. Northam wore black face, Lt Gov. Fairfax had numerous sexual assault allegations, and AG Herring wore blackface and all three served their entire terms despite folks demanding their resignation. The diff between them and me?” she tweeted on Thursday. “They’re democrats and I’m a black female conservative civil rights lawyer who is an independent thinker. 🙂 Good thing I have thick skin and a Creator who protects me and directs my steps. Isaiah 54:17. God is in control.”

She added: ”2 white men who had the bad judgment of wearing black face, i.e. physically espousing views about blacks & a black male who faced sexual assault allegations. All democrats kept their jobs. I was terminated for cherry-picked posts on election integrity and freedom of speech.”

Miles also tweeted, ”The left thinks people like me should be out of a job but two white men who thought it was okay to rock black face & a black man alleged to have committed sexual assault get to keep theirs. Double standard dems? My ideas after the election and rally v. their alleged acts? The Dems are real good about backing their people!”

Additionally, Miles retweeted an article from The New York Post in which embattled podcast host Joe Rogan called the backlash against his racist remarks “a political hit job.”

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