Angela Lewis talks Aunt Louie’s self preservation, relationship with Franklin in ‘Snowfall’ season 5

“Louie is fearless. She lives in her power," Lewis said of her fan favorite character.

Snowfall has officially returned to TV with fan-favorite Aunt Louie, portrayed by Angela Lewis, back on screen and proving she is one of the most powerful women on television. The role of Aunt Louie has evolved throughout the FX series as she continues to find her voice and develop herself as a Queenpin. 

TheGrio spoke exclusively to Lewis ahead of the premiere of season 5 about her character’s return to health and her relationships with Jerome and Franklin, played by Amin Joseph and Damson Idris respectively.

Last season, Aunt Louie was fighting for her life while in the hospital after a drive-by shooting. Despite being in the hospital, she still used her voice to talk down Skully (De’Aundre Bonds) and now returns to season 5 fully healthy.

Snowfall Angela Lewis
Angela Lewis attends FX’s “Snowfall” Season 5 Premiere at Grandmaster Recorders on February 17, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

“I think she is laser-focused, for the first time she realizes how quickly things, including her life, can go away—and what a major event can happen and refocus things,” Lewis shared on how battling for her life in the hospital has contributed to her growth. “She is healing from her physical wounds, and the emotional [wounds] ravaging she has experienced and that is helping her focus.”

Lewis explained that an essential part of Aunt Louie is her relationship with Jerome and how they have grown over the past few seasons.

FX's "Snowfall"
(L-R) Julie DeJoie, Michael London, Isaiah John, Trevor Engelson, Amin Joseph, Devyn A. Tyler, Dave Andron, Damson Idris, Carter Hudson, Angela Lewis, Alon Abutbul, DeRay Davis, Gail Bean, Walter Mosley and Michael Hyatt attend FX’s “Snowfall” Season 5 Premiere at Grandmaster Recorders on February 17, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“They fight for what they want, but they are also fighting to find each other. I think this season, in light of what is happening around them, we are watching them fight to stay connected.” 

Lewis shared that as they continue to find each other, one thing Louie does not have to question is how he views her as a leader. “I think Jerome really respects Louie. He understands that she is smart and is a leader,” she said.

Although he may not agree with every move, the respect is still there. On the other hand, a character that may not be the biggest fan of her leadership skills is Franklin Saint.

Last season, viewers could see the rise of tension between Aunt Louie and Jerome vs. Franklin. When asked if blood will be thicker than water this season, Lewis revealed that “season 5 is all about trying to determine what is thicker. And how you make that determination and still hold on to my relationship with Franklin and Jerome. Those relationships come together, because they are actual blood. Louie is always conscious on however things are going with Franklin.”

Lewis shared that a character trait she wants viewers to take away is her “self preservation” and proving why she belongs. 

“Each step of the way she is fighting for her own self preservation, for her right to be fully apart of this. In light of almost losing her life, it’s now how she take things in her own hands,” Lewis said.

When reflecting on how the role of Louie has changed her life, she shared that “Louie is fearless. She lives in her power. She speaks up for what she wants, and I can’t always say that is the truth for Angela. I am learning to bring more of that aspect of Louie into my life.”

Snowfall season 5 officially returned Wednesday on FX, with episodes streaming on Hulu the following day.

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