Twitter calls out Tucker Carlson as racist after he asks for Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT scores 

The LSAT is the test used as one of the qualifying measures for law school entry; Carlson has never brought it up for other Supreme Court nominees.

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is being called out as racist for questioning why President Joe Biden didn’t share Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT score during his recent State of the Union speech. 

On Wednesday evening, Carlson remarked on his primetime show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, “Biden went on to mention someone called Ketanji Brown Jackson” — slightly mispronouncing the judge’s name — as seen in the clip shared by a popular Twitter user.

“So, is Ketanji Brown Jackson — a name that even Joe Biden has trouble pronouncing — one of the top legal minds in the entire country?” Carlson pondered for viewers, per Newsweek

President Joe Biden (left) looks on as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, circuit judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, delivers brief remarks as his nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court during an event at the White House. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

During the address, the president remarked on Jackson’s accomplishments, calling her “one of our nation’s top legal minds.” He has nominated Jackson, currently a judge on D.C.’s federal appellate court, to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the United States Supreme Court. 

“We certainly hope so,” Carlson answered his own question. “Biden’s right. Appointing her is one of his gravest constitutional duties. So it might be time for Joe Biden to let us know what Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT score was.”

“That’s not a name most Americans know because Ketanji Brown Jackson has been an appellate judge for less than a year,” the show host continued. “But Joe Biden assured us she is, quote, ‘one of our top legal minds.'”

Carlson played a clip from Tuesday night’s SOTU in which Biden noted that nominating someone to the Supreme Court is one of the “most serious” constitutional responsibilities of a president.

Supreme Court justices serve lifelong terms. 

“How did she do on the LSATs?” Carlson asked of Jackson. “Why wouldn’t you tell us that? That would settle the question conclusively as to whether she’s a once-in-a-generation legal talent, the next Learned Hand. It would seem like Americans in a democracy have a right to know that and much more before giving her a lifetime appointment, but we didn’t hear that.”

The LSAT is the test used as one of the qualifying measures for entrance into law school. It does not reference the law at all and is instead focused on critical thinking. 

Carlson’s remarks drew immediate pushback on social media.

“No one cared about the qualifications of Supreme Court nominees until Biden said he was nominating a Black Woman. A Black woman who happens to be unbelievably qualified for a position that HAS NO QUALIFICATIONS. We all know what Tucker Carlson is doing asking for her LSAT score,” one Twitter user wrote

Other tweets quickly pointed out Carlson’s blatant partisan antics, noting that he never called for LSAT scores from Justice Amy Coney Barrett or Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

“Tucker Carlson has never questioned the LSAT score of any other Supreme Court nominee until the first black woman nominee came along,” one now-viral tweet read. 

Veteran news anchor Dan Rather called Carlson’s comments “straight-up racist.” 

Jackson graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, cum laude from Harvard Law, plus she has clerked at all levels of federal law — including at the Supreme Court, for Breyer, the justice she is slated to replace.

Per CNN, her confirmation hearings will begin on March 21. 

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