Tucker Carlson Tonight

Republican Blake Masters has sparked debate on Twitter after referring to Elon Musk as the “richest African American entrepreneur.”
/ December 22, 2021
Fox News host Sean Hannity broke the news about Rittenhouse’s visit during an interview with the former president Tuesday night.
/ November 24, 2021
Tucker Carlson and Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, theGrio.com
Carlson’s dog-whistle language in his talk about Capitol cop Harry Dunn Wednesday night did not go unnoticed by viewers and others.
/ July 22, 2021
Conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson mocked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III’s commitment to battling climate change.
/ May 22, 2021
Mark McCloskey vowed to “never stop fighting” and says he has traveled as “a spokesperson for President Trump.”
/ May 20, 2021
Tucker Carlson thegrio.com
Tucker Carlson shares his opinion that the jury only came to their unanimous guilty decision to avoid violence.
/ April 21, 2021
The Trumps chose not to be publicly vaccinated like world leaders who sought to ensure their nations of the vaccines’ safety and efficacy.
/ March 2, 2021