Black entrepreneur developing skin care line for dark skin men

Curtis Headley founds Culture1 to address demand for dark-skinned men in the European skin care market

An entrepreneur has taken a bold step into the skin care market by developing a product for Black men.

Curtis Headley told British newspaper Bristol Post his brand, Culture1, is undergoing testing, though he’s used the product himself for a few months.

“I started it because it was a passion of mine, and I just wanted it to be easily accessible so people can enjoy the product,” Headley told Bristol Post. “It’s not about the money. It’s just knowing people would benefit from having it. It’s something that is specifically for dark skin men, this is the one.”

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Headley is based in England, which in 2020 had a robust skin care market of roughly ∑2.2 million pounds, or about $2.8 million USD. By comparison, the U.S. skin care market is expected to top $20 million this year, making it the world’s most valuable market. If you’re interested to be a part of the growing skin care industry, you may start by earning a skin care diploma through classes and trainings.

Culture1 says its product will be available in Europe. 

The Culture1 website says its product has been designed for men with darker skin. 

“Our product addresses issues men with darker skin experience. And although skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis occur in all skin tones, these can affect darker skin in different ways,” Culture1 said in a tweet. “Furthermore, the way these issues are treated may differ from person to person, as produce can react differently on skin tone.”

Headley said he’s suffered from skin issues, including acne and eczema. He said those issues led him to his interest in the skin care field. 

“Dark skin is more sensitive to things like razor bumps, so we have used specific ingredients that are for these issues. The market is heavily (neglected), the need to maintain healthy skin, especially for black men there was nothing out there.”

Culture1, on its website, says its product will be free of harsh chemicals that could inflame darker skin, and will be certified vegan and halal. 

The Culture1 website says the product will launch in four to six months.

“There’s not a cream I haven’t tried, and though some are good, they’re always missing something,” Headley told Bristol Post. “The product itself is a face cream that targets issues dark-skinned men face, like hyperpigmentation.”

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