Lil Duval recovering in Miami hospital after car hit him. He is not on life support.

The comedian was riding an all-terrain vehicle when a car crashed into him at high speed.

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Days after an accident in the Bahamas, comedian Lil Duval is amused by news circulating on YouTube that he is on life support, according to an Instagram post from his handle on Friday. 

“Life support?!?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” the entertainer responded to a well-wisher who shared the “craziness” with him.

Born Roland Powell, Lil Duval is recovering in a hospital in South Florida after being injured in an ATV accident Tuesday night in the Bahamas, ABC affiliate of Miami reported. 

Lil Duval was riding an all-terrain vehicle when a car crashed into him at high speed, the actor explained on Twitter. He was initially airlifted to a hospital in Nassau and treated for multiple injuries, including a broken hip. 

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Lil Duval is in seemingly good spirits and recovering in a Miami hospital after a car in the Bahamas hit him while he was riding an all-terrain vehicle. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, he was transferred via Trinity Air Ambulance to Jackson Memorial Hospital, according to The hospital is located in Miami.

A spokesperson for Lil Duval confirmed in a statement to TMZ that he will receive further treatment in his home state. “Lil Duval was involved in a vehicular accident where a motor vehicle ran into him while riding a 4-wheeler. This accident resulted into a broken hip alongside mild injuries,” the spokesperson said. “He is in stable condition and is currently being airlifted again, from Nassau to Jacksonville, FL in order to be treated at a local hospital with the capabilities and equipment available to conduct the recommended surgical procedures for recovery.”

In other Instagram posts on Friday, Duval, 45, continued with updates about his recovery. “My leg was so messed up. i didn’t even know i had all these road rashes until last night. It’ll heal tho I’m wolverine,” he wrote, accompanying the post with pictures showing scars on what appears to be his right side and below the elbow of his right arm.

In another, he waxed philosophical about the situation. “I can’t control what happens in life but i can control how i react. And i have nothing to complain about because I’m suppose to be dead after that. I got a lot to be smiling for.”

His humor shone through on yet another post as he reflected on the experience of having to use the toilet. “And i had to do it in a cup while laying in the bed 😫😫😫😫😫 that hurt more than the accident. Anybody that’s ever had surgery know what I’m talking about,” he wrote.

In response, Lil Jon looked on the bright side of that particular challenge. “U GOT A WHOLE NEW ROUTINE WORTH OF MATERIAL AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE MY BOY.” 

On Tuesday, Duval shared an Instagram video of himself heavily bandaged and being wheeled out of an ambulance on a stretcher. “Somebody hit me in they car while i was on my 4 wheeler,” Duval captioned the post. “Now my leg broke and i gotta get flown over to nassau and have surgery.” 

In a follow-up Instagram post, Duval clarified that he actually suffered a broken hip, not a broken leg. “And that’s even worse 😫 but I’m still chillin tho can’t nothing steal my joy,” he added.

Another video shows the medical team drilling into his knee. “They really drilling my knee bruh. 😫😫😫😫😫😫 Why they ain’t put me to sleep?,” he wrote.

Fans and friends of the “Meet the Blacks” star have flooded the comment sections of his post updates to wish him a speedy recovery.

Duval is known for his appearances on TV shows, including “Wild ‘N Out,” “Hip Hop Squares,” “Ridiculousness” and BET’s comedy competition series “Coming to the Stage.” He has also released several hit singles, including “Smile (Living My Best Life)” and had roles in movies such as “The Trap” “Grow House” and “The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2.”

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