Wake up to manifestation with Black Excellence Brunch founder Trell Thomas

Is the much-touted power of manifestation just wishful thinking, or the secret sauce to success? Coach Tish and LinkedIn Creator Trell Thomas explain how it works.

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The concept of manifestation can come across as woo-woo, spiritual, or some kind of trickery; but the way Trell Thomas, LinkedIn Creator and founder of the highly popular Black Excellence Brunch, explains it is actually quite simple.

“I think manifestation is taking yourself to a place before you get there,” said Thomas. “It is seeing it for yourself and then the actualization of what you saw for yourself.”

This sounds a lot like dreaming, right? Simply using our imagination to think about what we want for our lives and careers? We do this all the time! But I believe what we are often missing is being intentional about what we think about. Thomas recalls doing this the first time he visited Los Angeles.

“I was walking down the street and it just felt like home. I was like, ‘This is home for me. This is my proverbial Promised Land,’ if you will. I just saw so many things for myself,” he recalled. “Fast forward, I moved to L.A. not even two months later. I was an L.A. resident, entrepreneur, just doing my own thing.”

In short: Thomas started thinking about what was possible for himself and took himself there in his mind before he actually got there. In its simplest form, this is how manifestation can work for all of us.

For me, I leave a lot of room for faith when it comes to manifesting. I don’t want to attract what isn’t in God’s plan for me. So when I feel in my spirit I’m called to be somewhere, meet somebody, or do something, I think about it, yes. But I also bring it to God and say, “I think I want to do this. But you know best. Guide my steps. Show me the path forward. I trust you. And I want you to see the desires of my heart. Here they are.” I listen, then I act.

Whichever approach most resonates with you, here are two things Thomas suggests you do today to start manifesting in your own life:

Lean into your authenticity: “I feel like so often people are held down by other people’s beliefs. From the moment that we’re born, people are putting labels on us,” he says. “I think [manifestation] is allowing ourselves to strip those labels off of us and then determine what fits our lives. That has been the biggest secret for me because that has allowed me to think for myself and trust myself.”

Push back on your inner critic: “Your inner critic will tell you things, and you have to talk back to that inner critic, [saying] ‘No. I think this is possible for me.’ I think that has been one of the biggest secrets for me,” Thomas shares, adding, “It has been tiny steps that have opened those big, gigantic doors for me. Ask yourself, what would a tiny step forward look like?”

Want to see how manifestation can make a real difference in your life and career? Watch Trell’s full conversation with Coach Tish on this week’s episode of “The Reset,” above. 

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