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Letisha Bereola is a Life + Career Coach who helps faith driven, millennial women discover their God-given calling and develop a plan to pursue with confidence. Letisha is a former award-winning TV News anchor of 10+ years. In that role, she was known for covering stories that impacted women, children and people of color. Letisha is a mom of two, FAMU Rattler, loves coffee, good tv, Jay-z and the beach. She will be contributing videos and articles to theGrio with a focus on the intersection of career x faith.

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The Reset, how to negotiate a raise, career advice, career coach, ask for a raise, Coach Tish, theGrio.com
April 27, 2023
Waiting for your manager to realize you deserve a raise? Take the initiative to negotiate getting paid what you deserve now.
Alignment, Career Advice, Kara Gaisie, The Reset, Work-life balance, theGrio.com
April 20, 2023
“Work-life balance” may be a buzz phrase, but according to Gaisie, true alignment is where you feel most confident and able to self-advocate.
April 13, 2023
If you’re ready to start your personal new year, Coach Tish and wellness artist and influencer Tracy G share some tips on how to get in the game. 
Career pivot, career transition, yoga, entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, career advice, wellness industry, The Reset, theGrio.com
After a successful career in PR, spending time in a yoga studio led entrepreneur Christina Rice to build a powerhouse global wellness brand .
Black women retreats, wellness, yoga, entrepreneurship, Black women, The Reset, Omnoire, Coach Tish, theGrio.com
Black women aren’t just living the “soft life”; they’re profiting from it through culturally-crafted retreats. Christina Rice is showing them how to do it.
Career Advice, Financial Loss, Entrepreneurship, Black Entrepreneurs, Candace Holyfield Parker, The Reset, Coach Tish, Career Coach, theGrio.com
Entrepreneur Candace Holyfield Parker may be the “Six Figure Spa Chick,” but a $1M revenue loss taught her to stay ready for the inevitable.
Mom guilt, working mothers, working moms, working parents, motherhood and ambition, parenting, career advice, theGrio.com
You love your kids, but if you’re constantly feeling as if you’re not doing enough, you have “mom guilt” — and Coach Tish has tips to help.
Remote work, job search, work from home, in-office work, theGrio.com
March 9, 2023
We all love the conveniences of remote work, but when looking for a new role, being willing to work in an office could give you an advantage.
Heartbreak, Relationships, Career Advice, Coach Tish, The Reset, theGrio.com
March 2, 2023
Whether a bad day or a broken heart, we still need to show up at work — but being honest could create a better workplace culture.
workaholics, find love, hustle culture, single Black women, single Black men, work-life balance, dating advice, career coach, theGrio.com
February 23, 2023
Is your commitment to the hustle impeding your love life? Workaholics need love, too — but you’ve got to prioritize it.
Leave hustle culture, career advice, career coach, The Reset, Coach Tish, theGrio.com
February 16, 2023
Is “hustle culture” worth burning out? Hear one exec’s story about how healing from the grind helped her reach the top of her chosen field.
Job confidence, Job market, job search, career cushioning, theGrio.com
February 9, 2023
Whether or not a recession looms, Black and brown workers are using career cushioning to stay confident in a changing job market.
How to talk to a recruiter, career advice, interview advice, career coach, job interview, theGrio.com
February 3, 2023
In the midst of a job search? Learn how to be savvy when engaging with recruiters and how to outpace the competition.
interview skills, job interview, layoffs, career advice, career coach
If your interview skills are rusty, we’ve got a few tips to polish you up for the job market, including skills you might not even think to mention.
The Reset With Coach Tish, working abroad, Ghana, African Diaspora, theGrio.com
On this week’s episode of ‘The Reset with Coach Tish,’ two American women living in Ghana share their experiences working abroad.
Workplace burnout theGrio.com
December 29, 2022
Is ambition the driving force in your career? Make sure the climb to the top doesn’t leave you out of balance or burning out.
Self-advocacy, career coach, Ariane Hunter theGrio.com
December 22, 2022
Expert Ariane Hunter explains self-advocacy—and why effectively speaking up for yourself also means managing your energy.
Toxic job toxic workplace burnout theGrio.com
December 8, 2022
If you’re struggling with a toxic work environment, maybe it’s time to weigh what it’s worth to your future self.
YouTube curly hair content creator Ava Pearl theGrio.com
By filling a much-needed space in the conversation about curls, YouTube content creator Ava Pearl styled herself a successful new career.
Yaris Sanchez theGrio.com
November 24, 2022
What does an ‘aligned life’ look like? According to wellness expert Yaris Sanchez, it starts with asking yourself what you really want.