Dear Drake, please leave Megan Thee Stallion and every other Black woman out of your mouth

OPINION: Imagine having all the smoke for Black women minding their business but none for the Black men who have directly attacked you.

Drake gets up from his seat after the Toronto Raptors defeated the Chicago Bulls on Nov. 6, 2022, at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. (Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images)

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Dear Aubrey, 

I’m coming to you because as a Black woman, I have some questions for you that I am hoping you can answer. 

Let me start off by saying I like some of your music. You have had some bops over the years. “All Me” is still in heavy rotation in my car, even though I immediately turn it off once it gets to Big Sean’s part (and that’s not a Big Sean diss. He’s cute, that thang is obviously heavy, and he has some good raps too, just not on that song. To me. You and 2 Chainz carry that one). I also like “Money In the Grave” with you and Rick Ross. That’s a great song to C-walk to if you know how. 

I was rooting for you when you had your beef with Meek Mill. People say you don’t even write your own rhymes, and I have excused that for the most part because you usually have pretty dope beats backing you, and since you got your mommy makeover and BBL and grew out your beard (or used Bigen or whatever if that’s the case), you’ve actually looked kinda hot. 

That said, you recently released an album with 21 Savage that has been discussed quite a bit online since its release. I haven’t listened to “Her Loss,” specifically because as soon as I got wind that you were dissing people like Megan Thee Stallion and Serena’s doting husband, Alexis Ohanian, I immediately knew it was a no for me. 

Here’s the thing, Aubrey: Why are you out here picking fights with women (or their husbands) who are not worried about you? 

Listen, I get it. You are a white woman of color who was born and raised in Canada. You are an actor who got your start on the Canadian show “Degrassi,” and you are now in the midst of playing your biggest role, that of a rapper named Drake. 

I totally understand that you want to bring realism to the latest and longest-running acting role you have ever had, and real rappers actually have beefs at times and make diss records about each other, so you figured you would do the same. Except, you chose to attack people who weren’t even bothering you. 

Calling Alexis Ohanian a “groupie” simply because he is a loving husband who adores his wife and young daughter was absolutely low. That man is minding his business, cheering his wife on and making cute pancakes for his little girl. He has done nothing to you, and he’s not even in the game, so why are you coming for him? Are you mad that he is with Serena and you aren’t? Girl, grow up. Please. 

Then you decided to come for Megan Thee Stallion, referencing her assault at the hands of Tory Lanez, and that is some poot-butt ass ish if you ask me. 

I know that for you as a white woman taking on the role of bitter bitch this may be hard to grasp, but cracking jokes about a Black woman being physically assaulted (she was shot!) by a Black man is never OK. I’m not sure why you would think it is. You are going too far. 

There are people trying to argue the “double entendre” angle on your behalf, claiming that you weren’t talking about her being shot but rather dangling an allegation that her ass might not be real, and even that is stupid if you ask me. 

Are you jealous that Megan’s natural little booty moves and looks better than yours? Are you jealous of her body? Her ability to twerk?

Or is it something deeper? Are you threatened by the way Megan is in charge of her own sexuality? Is it upsetting that she doesn’t center men in her sexy lyrics? Or does the idea that she can actually write her own rhymes make you feel inferior in comparison?

Usually when a rapper disses another rapper, it’s because there was an initial shot fired, but in this case, Megan was minding her own damn business, and here your goofy ass comes unable to keep her name out of your mouth. 

Like seriously. There are so many worthy opponents you could have gone after in your rhyme— people you actually have a reason to beef with. 

You could have gone after Pusha T. He literally had to punk you into openly admitting to fathering your child (which, stop putting braids in that baby’s hair! That texture ain’t built for that, and you are giving your child you were previously hiding traction alopecia, ma’am). 

You could have gone after Diddy. I heard he slapped fire from your ass once upon a time

You could have dissed T.I. as a proxy for his late friend, who reportedly peed on you

I mean honestly, if you were that hard up for a woman to argue with, I hear there is a woman in the rap game who is running out of other women to beef with. Maybe you could argue with her. She never seems to tire of it. 

My point is, girl, you didn’t have to go after Megan, and you look like a punk for doing so. 

You were probably in the studio thinking you really did something, and actually, you did. You showed us that when it comes down to it, you are just another actor in the rap game getting paid to exploit hip-hop culture and being a sassy ho while doing so. You embarrassing us, sis. 

The hilarious part of all of this is I heard Megan actually has a writing credit on the “Her Loss” album, which means ultimately, she won. 

Listen. You have had a huge impact on the game. There’s no denying or disputing that, but when you do childish and petty stuff like this, it just adds to the long list of reasons no one really takes you seriously.

Next time, stick to attacking people who are attacking you and leave Megan, Serena, Alexis and all the rest of the people minding their business out of it. 

Now, run along and go memorize your script. I’m sure you have some lines to run for your next hit. 

Look, Drakel Dolezal, at the end of the day, you are just one in a long line of white women role-playing as a person of color, and if you want us to be accepting of that, please learn to stay in your lane, girl. 

Monique Judge

Monique Judge is a storyteller, content creator and writer living in Los Angeles. She is a word nerd who is a fan of the Oxford comma, spends way too much time on Twitter, and has more graphic t-shirts than you. Follow her on Twitter @thejournalista or check her out at

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