Samuel L. Jackson celebrates ‘Happy Hair Day’ on ‘Sesame Street’

In the upcoming episode, the actor and Elmo break down hair textures.

Samuel L. Jackson is making an appearance on one of the most iconic streets in television. That’s right, the Academy Award-nominated actor is set to appear with Elmo and the gang over at “Sesame Street” in an episode titled “Happy Hair Day.”

TheGrio has obtained a clip from the episode showing Jackson hanging out with his new friend, Elmo, and talking about hair. “Hair is what you have on top of your head, it can be different colors like brown, red, blonde, black or gray,” he explains to Elmo. “And you can style it all sorts of ways, straight, curly, coily, long and short.”

In one funny moment, Jackson points out to Elmo that he has no hair, prompting the red puppet monster to comfort the actor. “You don’t need hair, Mr. Sam, Elmo thinks you look beautiful without it.”

Samuel L. Jackson (center), surrounded by “Sesame Street” characters, will appear on the show to address a hair-raising subject. (Credit: Sesame Workshop)

The two then bring in some friends — including Gabrielle, the young Black girl muppet who has appeared on the show since 2018  — to show the kids at home various examples of hair. She rocks her coily puffs in the episode, and Jackson tells her that her hair is “great and beautiful.” Check out the clip below.

“Elmo and his friends sing about hair and how hair is part of what makes each of them special and unique,” a release that theGrio obtained reads.

In addition to Gabrielle, muppets Ji-Young and Bert join Jackson in the conversation about the various examples of hair.

The episode of “Sesame Street ” featuring Jackson debuts on Dec. 15 on Cartoonito on HBO Max.

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