Jumpstart your new year’s wellness goals with Black-owned brands

Looking to get ahead on those new year’s resolutions? We've rounded up 14 different products by Black-owned brands to help jumpstart your wellness goals.

Starting a new year with the aim of becoming more whole than you felt in the previous 12 months is a common jumping-off point for self-care and wellness journeys. But spontaneously launching a lifestyle focused on wellness can be daunting if you don’t quite know where to start. 

There are so many different methods, products, and brands all claiming to accomplish the same result, it can be overwhelming to try and keep up. If upping your self-care or wellness game is on your list of objectives for 2023, we’re here to help you start. Whether your goals are to improve your fitness, beauty routine, overall health, or even just get better sleep, we have rounded up 14 products from Black brands that promote wellness and self-care. While the products we’ve chosen to highlight are standouts, we also recommend exploring each brand further as your plan your 2023 wellness journey.

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For a daily reminder

“You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup” glass mug by Legendary Rootz (Image: Legendary Rootz)

Whatever your self-care goals are for 2023, they should at least include affirming that you deserve to prioritize your needs. To really commit, we can’t think of any sentiment more perfect than the “You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup” mug by Legendary Rootz. Taking your tea or coffee breaks throughout the day will hit so much harder with this daily reminder in your face.  

You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup” mug 


For your skincare routine

Customizable Skincare kit by Buttah Skin (Image: Buttah Skin)

This would not be a self-care or wellness guide without at least one skincare recommendation. If upgrading your skincare routine is a goal for 2023, the Customizable Skincare kit by Buttah Skin is a great place to start. The kit includes a gentle cleanser, vitamin c serum, and your choice of either their Oil-Free Hyaluronic Gel Cream moisturizer, Cocoshea Revitalizing moisturizer, or the Facial Shea Butter. Combined, the kit’s trio all work together to create glowing skin as soft as, well, butter.

Skin Transforming Cocoshea 3 Piece Kit


For a postpartum journey 

The Everday Kit by Ebi (Image: Ebi)

We know deep down that the “snap back” after giving birth is a myth. Nevertheless, it is still an undue pressure many pregnant people struggle with postpartum. Ebi, a Black wellness brand that specializes in postpartum care, offers a handful of products aimed at easing the journey of postpartum emotionally and physically. Ebi’s The Everyday Kit includes their signature oil, bath salts, and tisane (or herbal tea) to create a trifecta of self-care for the new mom.  

The Everyday kit 


For your daily practice 

The Underbelly for desktop and mobile devices (Image: The Underbelly)

Yoga is a practice that can leave you feeling more whole, both spiritually and physically. For decades, the professional yoga space was represented by one type of body—white and thin. But yogis like Jessamyn Stanley have completely shaken the game up, proving that anybody can and deserves to get down on the mat. If you can’t check out a class with her in person, you can subscribe to digital classes on her fitness platform The Underbelly, which offers both a monthly and an annual subscription.

The Underbelly subscription

$19.99 monthly or $180.00 annually 

For tracking your fitness goals

Sworkit Health app (Image: Sworkit Health)

Perhaps one of your wellness goals for 2023 is to get more physically active overall. From strength to cardio to stretching and more, the Sworkit Health app is a one-stop shop for at-home workouts. 

Sworkit Health

Free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play

For your focus

ADD / ADHA Support Essential oil blend by Deeply Rooted Wellness (Image: Deeply Rooted Wellness)

Our attention spans were not made for social media feeds, the 24-hour news cycle, constant cellphone notifications, and the many other competing distractions that attempt to command them. Attention deficit disorders have also been on the rise in adults. According to the ADHD Institute, 5.2 percent of adults in the United States live with the condition. Thankfully, the prevalence of both attention deficit disorder diagnoses and increased awareness of general widespread distractions have brought forth a prevalence of treatments for lack of focus. An easy one we recommend is the top-rated essential oil blend by Deeply Rooted Wellness.

Essential oil blend by Deeply Rooted Wellness

$14.99 to $21.99

For your sleep

Rest CBD drops by Brown Girl Jame (Image: Brown Girl Jane)

Sometimes we lay our heads down at the end of a long day, and sleep evades us—or we wake up feeling like we just ran a 5k. If you have a goal to get more or better sleep in the new year, a tincture like Brown Girl Jane’s Rest CBD drops could get the job done. Their blend of 1500mg Broad Spectrum CBD promises to put an end to evening anxiety, tossing and turning, and to have you out like a light. 

Rest CBD drops by Brown Girl Jane


For your anxiety 

“On My Last Nerve” Tea by Harlem Roots (Image: Harlem Roots)

Is your goal to leave acute anxiety and constant annoyances in 2022? Well, Harlem Roots may have just the tea for you. The brand’s “On My Last Nerve” Tea uses a unique blend of lemongrass, hibiscus, ginger, catnip, holy basil, and lemon balm to uplift the spirit and calm the mind.

On My Last Nerve Tea


For your digestion 

Digest Me Tea by New Secrets Tea (Image: New Secrets Tea)

Bloating, rumbling, pain, overall discomfort—trust us, we’ve been there with our stomachs. For those of us hoping to improve our digestion, we suggest the Digest Me Tea by New Secrets Tea (along with your own doctor’s advice). This peppermint green tea is enhanced with ginger root, a reliable herbal remedy we reach for when our stomachs are turning. 

Digest Me Tea


For your immune system

Shroom Shield and Original Turmeric by Golde (Image: Golde)

Many of us understandably have the fortification of our immune systems as a wellness goal for 2023. If that’s true for you, Golde’s Immunity Kit, which includes the brand’s Shroom Sheild and Original Turmeric, will help boost your immune system, support gut health, and relieve stress. 

Immunity Kit

Currently $54.00

For your spirit  

Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening deck and guidebook (Image: Hachette Book Group)

The beginning of the year is a great time to check in with your soul. Tarot decks can be powerful resources for checking in with oneself and gaining insight into what’s going on emotionally and spiritually. The newly released “Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening” deck and guidebook by Nyasha Williams was created for members of the Black diaspora seeking alternative ways to connect with their higher power.

Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening deck and guidebook


For cleansing your crystals

Heritage Apothecary’s selenite charging plate (Image: Heritage Apothecary)

Your spiritual and metaphysical tools need recharging and cleansing as much as your spirit. Get off to the right start in 2023 with a new charging plate that cleanses your own aura along with boosting the effectiveness of your crystals. We love Heritage Apothecary’s selenite charging plate, made from the only crystal that can cleanse both other crystals and the human aura. 

Charging plate


For some self-reflection 

“To Get Lost is to Learn the Way” journal by Melanin Musing (Image: Melanin Musing)

Journaling is a classic pastime that can be soothing, productive, and tremendously helpful when working through personal issues. However, sometimes when we’re faced with a blank white page, it can be really intimidating to get started—and that’s when journals with prompts should enter the chat. The “To Get Lost Is To Learn the Way” self-discovery journal is beautifully designed and filled with prompts to keep your thoughts free-flowing on the page. 

To Get Lost Is to Learn the Way journal 


For protecting your peace

(Image: Harper One)

Wellness advocate Yasmine Cheyenne uses a metaphor in her practice that asks you to imagine a sugar jar with no lid. Without a lid, anyone at any time can take as much sugar as they please. Sure, you can refill the jar, but without a lid, you cannot control the rate at which you need to replenish. This, says Cheyenne, is what happens in our lives, when, despite our best self-care efforts, we fail to set and maintain proper boundaries. Thankfully, Cheyenne has taken the time to advise how to keep our lids tight in a new book debuting on December 27. Through storytelling, exercises, and prompts, “The Sugar Jar” will give anyone the tools they need to protect their peace. 

The Sugar Jar 


Kay Wicker is a lifestyle writer for theGrio covering health, wellness, travel, beauty, fashion, and the myriad ways Black people live and enjoy their lives. She has previously created content for magazines, newspapers, and digital brands. 

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