Judge denies bond reduction for suspect charged in rapper Takeoff’s death

Prosecutors feared Patrick Clark was a flight risk because he had his passport and an itinerary for Mexico on him when he was arrested.

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The bond for the suspect charged in the murder of Migos rapper Takeoff remains at $1 million after the judge rejected a request for a lower amount.

Patrick Clark, 33, was arrested on Dec. 2, suspected of Takeoff’s murder, and at the time, Harris County Judge Josh Hill set his bond at $2 million. On Dec.14, he agreed to reduce it to $1 million after Clark’s attorneys argued the amount was “excessive and penal in nature,” according to Rolling Stone.

On Wednesday, Hill rejected Clark’s lawyers’ plea, made the day prior, to reduce that amount even further, to $300,000. Prosecutors believe Clark was trying to flee to Mexico at the time of his arrest since he had a passport and travel itinerary in his possession. With the concern that Clark might be a flight risk, Hill decided to keep the bond high.

Takeoff murder suspect Patrick Clark
Patrick Clark is displayed on a camera monitor during a Dec. 14 court appearance in Houston. He’s been accused of fatally shooting Migos rapper Takeoff last month outside a Houston bowling alley. (Photo: Lekan Oyekanmi/AP)

Clark’s lawyer, Letitia Quinones, emphasized that her client “wasn’t trying to go anywhere,” Rolling Stone reported.

“We complied with every requirement that the judge asked of us, only to be told today that it [the bond] would not be lowered,” said Quinones, according to CNN. “So yes, we are very disappointed. We disagree. And frankly, we’re very surprised.”

According to Rolling Stone, despite his attorney’s assertions, Hill claimed that some of Clark’s previous comments indicated he could afford the $1 million bond. For instance, on a recorded jail phone call, Clark allegedly said he could pay the initial $2 million. 

The prosecution has also suggested that Clark, a DJ, had more assets and money accessible, citing Instagram pictures in which he appeared to be holding large sums of money.

Based on an examination of the camera evidence, prosecutors determined Clark was the only individual during the shooting at a Houston bowling alley whose physical location corresponded with the angle at which Takeoff was struck before he fell to the ground, leading to his arrest. Authorities used a wine bottle left at the crime site to match his fingerprints.

Clark, who has the right to appeal the bond ruling, pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

As part of an effort to have prosecutors demonstrate a legitimate justification for holding Clark in custody, Quinones said the next step in that process would be filing a petition for habeas corpus.

She noted that they “plan to exercise all legal remedies available by law,” Rolling Stone reported.

“The fight is not over. We do believe without a shadow of a doubt that when the time comes, we will be able to show Mr. Clark’s innocence in this,” Quinones said Wednesday, according to CNN. “I think something has been lost with all the hype and all the tragedy that’s involved in this offense, and that’s Mr. Clark is presumed innocent.”

Takeoff, 28 — born Kirshnik Khari Ball — was killed on Nov. 1 while at 810 Billboards & Bowling in Houston. Police believe he was an innocent spectator in an altercation over a dice game that led to the shooting.

His uncle, Quavo, also a member of Migos, was present but unharmed.

Cameron Joshua, 22, was also arrested in late November and charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm, Rolling Stone reported. However, it’s not believed he fired the gun during the altercation.

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