Got 10 minutes? Get in a mini-workout with theGrio Fit!

In week four of theGrio Fit series, learn how to make even mini-workouts count toward your new year's fitness goals.

In the midst of a busy workday, ten minutes might not seem like much, but it’s enough time to get in a quick workout — which may be more effective than you think. In fact, as celebrity trainer Luke Worthington recently told Vogue:

“The great part about exercise (particularly low-intensity exercise, such as walking, stair climbing, steady-state cycling) is that it all counts, and it’s also cumulative. When it comes to low-intensity exercise, doing an hour in one go is really not much different to doing two [sessions] of 20 minutes or 12 [sessions] of five minutes. … It all counts!” 

Source: Vogue

It’s not just low-intensity exercise that does the trick. As our latest installment of theGrio Fit notes, just ten minutes of high-intensity exercise is enough to effectively raise your cardiometabolic rate, boosting those heart-healthy benefits and more.

If you’re looking to use those ten minutes to also increase muscle tone, how about working with a kettlebell? The compact, weight-bearing tool has been long been an exercise staple, and for good reason: In addition to engaging multiple muscle groups at once (including arms, legs and abs), kettlebells can help stimulate the growth of new bone cells, and even improve posture — a big bonus for those of us suffering from “tech neck.”

Wondering where and how to start? Check out our quick primer, below.

With four weeks of tips and guidance, you’re hopefully well on your way with your 2023 fitness goals—but we’re not done yet! We’ll be closing out January with more motivation from theGrio Fit, so we’ll see you next week!

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