Seven Black women in fitness who can help you ace your Apple Watch Challenge

In honor of International Women’s Day, Apple Watch has released a new challenge we think these gurus can help you accomplish.

Today is International Women’s Day and to commemorate the day, Apple has launched a new Apple Watch activity challenge and a new special award. 

To earn the International Women’s Day award, Apple Watch users will have to complete a workout of any kind for at least 20 minutes. Apple Watch users who earn the award will unlock a dedicated badge in the Fitness app and a series of virtual stickers that can be used in Messages or FaceTime.

These challenges are becoming somewhat of a regular thing for Apple, which held similar challenges for the Lunar New Year and in February, commemorating both Black History Month and Heart Month. 

In order to help you conquer this challenge, we’ve rounded up seven top Black women from throughout the Black Diaspora in fitness who can get you moving in a variety of ways. 

Black women fitness gurus Apple Watch challenge
Apple Watch users will have to complete a workout of any kind for at least 20 minutes to earn the International Women’s Day award. (Photo credit: Getty/ Jackyenjoyphotography)

Tara’s Body 

Dancing is such an underrated workout. It’s celebratory; it’s fun, and it can make you feel good. Tara, the fitness influencer behind Tara’s Body, promises just that through her high-energy dance tutorials that double as workouts. Ace the Apple Watch challenge or any other movement goals you may have through the power of dance. 

Massy Arias

The Apple Watch challenge requires you to knock out 20 minutes and experts say at least 10 minutes of movement a day is all it takes. Hit both of those goals with New York based fitness guru Massy Arias who just dropped a brand new 20 minute challenge of her own on YouTube. 

Socla Dondo

With fitness and body positivity YouTuber Socla Dondo, you come for the afrobeats workouts but you stay for the thoughtful insight on loving your body. Socla has hundreds of follow-along workout videos ranging from fat burning to low impact to targeting key areas like abs and the bootay. 

Grow With Jo

Are you new to fitness? Canadian fitness icon Johanna Sophia has got you covered with her videos geared toward beginners over at Grow With Jo on YouTube. You will find anxiety-releasing cardio workouts, strength training, feel-good dance workouts and more. Johanna even has a women’s empowerment-themed workout perfect for accomplishing any workout goals during Women’s History Month. 

Toni Mitchell 

With vegan fitness guru Toni Mitchell you can hit your daily 20 minutes of movement and walk away from her YouTube channel with your plans for dinner. Mitchell has plenty of guided workouts ranging in difficulty and target area and she also posts vegan cooking videos. 

Bright and Salted Yoga by Ariana Elizabeth

Dance workouts or high-intensity routines may not be your speed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your 20 minutes of movement in for the day. Yogi Ariana Elizabeth is leading thousands in movement with her online yoga practice Bright & Salted Yoga on YouTube, where you will find yoga routines for a variety of occasions including jumpstarting your morning, winding down your evening, clearing your mind, and even alleviating period cramps. 

Faith Hunter

If you have developing or keeping up with a meditation practice on your wellness goals list, look no further than yoga and meditation guru Faith Hunter. Over on her YouTube channel, Hunter will warm you up with energizing yoga workouts and then cool you down with meditation videos. 

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