Detroit senior voted ‘most positive’ receives almost $2M in scholarship offers

“I aspire to be an entrepreneur. Just so I can live life comfortably and give back to my community.” — Tatyana Alves. 

A graduating Detroit senior is making headlines after she received $1.7 million in college scholarships, People reports. 

“It feels really good,” Tatyana Alves, 17, said of her history-making milestone during an interview with NBC affiliate WDIV-TV

As People reports, Tatyana was a junior when she started applying for scholarships via the micro-scholarship site, Raise.Me. She told WDIV-TV that she decided not to use those funds, though, because she will use another source to pay for college. “I get to go to school for free, but it’s through Detroit Promise,” Tatyana revealed. “I opted out of using my scholarship money, and I went through Detroit Promise.” 

The teenager attends The School at Marygrove, where she holds a 4.0 GPA. People reports that Marygrove is a K-12 entrance-examination institution that places an emphasis on social and engineering.

“I wanted to be challenged and I feel that an application (entrance-examination) school does that. I feel that application high schools are filled with a lot of opportunities,” Tatyana told the Detroit Free Press.

The school’s mandate also extends to developing “critical thinkers and community-minded citizens who have the skills and knowledge to be makers and leaders in the 21st century.” Tatyana — who was voted “Most Positive” — is one of 95 members of Marygrove’s first graduating class (The ceremony is planned for May 31 at the Music Hall).

Speaking to WDIV-TV, Tatyana gushed about the media hype surrounding Marygrove, saying “… it’s pretty cool to make our name known.”

She also noted that she “never expected” her [scholarship] journey “to go this far.”

As for Tatyana’s future plans, they are important but not what most would consider astounding. “I aspire to be an entrepreneur,” she said. “Just so I can live life comfortably and give back to my community.”

Regarding her positive outlook, it is a trait that she has adopted because she wishes to inspire others who want to follow her lead. “Being positive helped me to find my purpose, and I think I’ve made an influence on a lot of people,’ Tatyana told the Free Press.

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