Watch: Sitting down with pianist and composer BLKBOK

From Mozart to Migos, BLKBOK is determined to help musicians of color not conform. He wants them to be who they are, their most authentic selves.

June is Black Music Month, and theGrio is highlighting talented musicians from beginning to end. Beethoven, Bach, and Vivaldi are some names that instantly come to mind when hearing the phrase “classical music,” but count on BLKBOK being another worthy composer to add to the list.

Born and raised in the west side of Detroit, Charles Wilson III, known professionally as BLKBOK, is an artist, pianist, composer and lover of humans.

Earlier this year, Natasha S. Alford talked to BLKBOK about how he handles facing backlash for simply being his authentic self, and the talented artist played a piece from his song, “SHADOW X LIGHT.” He says he faced resistance because there’s a standard of what classical music should look like. BLKBOK says he wants to be able to be on stage and be “Blackity Black.” His advice to other musicians of color is to not conform, and be who you are.

Watch the interview, and listen to his album, “9,” out on all platforms.